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Sensual Appeal is a healthy living food blog where everything is delicious, mindful, and happy. I believe that a healthy life should be rooted in self-love and real foods.

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Are you doing this in your life now?

You look at yourself in the mirror. You’re not happy. You don’t like what you see. And then you tell yourself ‘I’m ugly’. Are you doing this in your life now?  Or… You are going out for a nice dinner or night out with your friends. 3 hours before you join them, you start doing your makeup, and your hair. You start figuring out what to wear so you look good. And before you know it, you were rushing out that door because you’ll be late. Once you finally reached the place, all you feel is a sigh of relief ‘Yes, I’m finally here … [Read More...]

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Winter Magic Potion: Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe

There is something magical in the winter. With the super low temperature and (hopefully) snow, it is not only about making angles (or eagles – as they are referred to in Poland) and having snow fights. Or memories of snow fights. It is also about the magic that we can easily create inside, with a little help of flavour and scent. I Ioooove … [Read More...]


Before you sleep, read this…

"The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream." - Marilyn Monroe   Imagine having mastered sleep, and all you have to do is just sleep while you reap its benefits beyond just health. How cool is that? You may already know the benefits of sleep. Just to name a few, sleep can increase your productivity level, gives you … [Read More...]

Photography by Kamila Gornia

The Best Tasting Whey I’ve Ever Tried

Okay, so I have been blogging for several years now. And in all those years, I have gotten the pleasure of trying many different types and brands of protein powders. Some were better than others. Some were quite great, in fact. But it wasn't until I tried TastyWHEY by Adaptogen that I was taken aback. There are a lot of protein powders that … [Read More...]


How does Meditation relate to Emotional Health

This article will introduce the connection between meditation and emotional health and give some suggestions for techniques to try. [Please note that what is described here is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment in cases of mental disorders]. Yes! By now we’ve all come across the list of benefits associated with a regular … [Read More...]

Young woman and man at the gym exercising. Run on on a machine.

Is A Shorter Workout Actually Better For You?  

Most of us think that the more time we spend exercising and working out, the fitter we will get. There are a few different individuals out there that seem to like spending hours doing cardio or in the gym doing repetitions and ab work but the rest of us do it to see results! We do it to keep fit and healthy and looking good! While exercising for … [Read More...]


How going gluten-free has changed my life and what it can do for you

Experts, among them dr. Daniel Leffler, the Director of Research at the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, claim that a gluten-free diet is “a gigantic burden for those who have to follow it,” and that people with gluten intolerance “get frustrated when they hear how … [Read More...]