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Sensual Appeal is a healthy living food blog where everything is delicious, mindful, and happy. I believe that a healthy life should be rooted in self-love and real foods.

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Weight Loss Tricks that will BITE you in the ASS!  Ep 1 - video youtube screenshot

Weight Loss Tricks that will bite you in the ASS – Episode 1

Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of weight loss advice, tips, and tricks you find online? Trust me, I know how you feel. Before I started I had my breakthrough and started my intuitive eating journey, I was just as confused and overwhelmed as you probably are (or were). The amount of information you can find online is just amazing - you can find everything about anything. The amount of false information and advice, especially pertaining diet and weight loss, is staggering however. Because weight loss and dieting topics are a … [Read More...]

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how to improve self-esteem instantly

How to Improve Your Self Esteem – Now!

In this post, we will talk about amazing tips from Lori Streator, about How to Improve Your Self Esteem, such an important topic. Are you afraid to take action in your life because you are holding onto fear? Are you feeling stuck? Are you holding yourself back from who-knows-what? When we don't take action and pursue our dreams or goals, its … [Read More...]

How to grow healthy hair as quickly as possible

How to grow healthy hair as quickly as possible

Long hair, don't care. I love having long hair. I used to have nice long hair that was gorgeously thick and just awesome. I loved it. That was like 10 years ago... Then I started going crazy with the hair dye and started getting extensions in high school. Yeah, and I did it all mostly myself. I ruined my hair unintentionally and now it's … [Read More...]

How to Beat Sugar Addiction

5 Tips to Help You Beat your Sugar Addiction

In this post, you will learn 5 great tips to helping you in how to beat sugar addiction.  I absolutely love warm, gooey, extra chocolatey brownies. I also love to bake and I live alone. See the problem? I’ll bake a pan of absolutely delicious, extra chocolatey, super fudgey brownies and then proceed to devour the ENTIRE pan myself. Not … [Read More...]

Sitting is the new smoking

“Sitting is the new Smoking!”

If you are interested in health, regularly workout in the gym, or maybe teach others how to move optimally in their lives, you have probably came across the catchy slogan of ‘’SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING.’’ Yes, the big news is out for quite some time: your plushy chair is designed to destroy you. Especially your back. Last year extensive … [Read More...]

how to detox without deprivation

How to Detox Without Deprivation

Cleansing is pretty popular these days. For many, including myself years ago, the word cleanse conjures to mind thoughts of deprivation, juices for day, and some extreme kind of Master Cleanse. Cleansing the body is important because we live in a stressed world. Not only do we consume foods that are laden with pesticides, we also have stress in our … [Read More...]