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Hello readers,

My name is Kamila, but feel free to call me Kammie. I am a 20-something year old girl living in the lovely city of Chicago.

For the many years, I have struggled with disordered eating. In February 2012, I was diagnosed with ED-NOS and Panic Disorder. Since then, I have managed to get rid of the panic and lessened my anxiety to a minimum without any help of medications. However, I continued to lose and gain the same 15 lbs over and over again with the help of various diets, crazy fitness plans, obsessive calorie counting and restrictions, and dieting fads. In March 2013, I had a breakthrough and I decided to give up on chronic dieting and the stress I’ve been putting on my body. I have decided to become an intuitive eater and I have taken the journey to becoming a happy and healthy person, without self-guilt and without dieting. I am embracing life as it is and welcoming self-love and self-acceptance into my life. I want to share my journey with others so hopefully you too will take the journey into living intuitively.

I started my journey in the kitchen at the same time that I started the blog in March 2012. The recipes you see here are mostly healthy (but not all). A vast majority of the recipes featured have some kind of healthifying done to it, whether it’s reduced sugar, lower in fat, vegan, or used with better healthful ingredients. I love nutrition, health, and food – and I want to prove to you that living mindfully, healthfully, and deliciously is possible. I also feature some guest recipes from my dear Mother as well, so you get a glimpse into healthier twists on traditional Polish dishes and desserts.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is Kammie@SensualAppealBlog.com 

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Disclaimer: please note that I am not a licensed dietitian or a health/fitness professional, and everything I write about are simply my views, opinions, what has worked for me, and what research I have found about things. These are not here to serve as professional advice. Please consult a doctor before starting any exercise program or make any major diet change.

I may make a small profit from some content featured on the blog, such as ads. Every sponsored blog post will have a disclaimer – my opinions remain my own and I have the option to not post any product offered to me if I do not think it will benefit my readers or if I was dissatisfied with it.



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I am not a health or fitness professional, my advice is simply what has worked for me and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or fitness regimen. This blog may contain affiliate links and sponsored posts.

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