Amazing meals from a Chicago local healthy delivery company, Factor 75

I recently got the pleasure of trying the most delicious meal delivery service from Chicago called Factor 75.

So being a very busy person, I won’t lie – I like convenience. I don’t always have time to cook (read: barely ever) so I like things prepared for me. Living alone, things like this make it easier. But I also don’t like to eat crappy food so it’s not easy to find convenient foods that actually TASTE good and ARE good for you.

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I’m always a bit skeptical of meal delivery because.. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell if it will actually taste good, especially if the meals are healthy. Is it gonna taste like cardboard? Like frozen meals? Or like fresh food?

Well, thankfully – Factor 75 is the freshest meal delivery service I have ever tried.


And now I know why – they have their own chef making the meals in the morning before shipping it off, and it’s never frozen, all fresh, and all-freaking-delicious.

It’s pretty simple to make it work too, you just pick whatever meals you want to eat and they make it for you and ship it to you to enjoy within 4-5 days of getting the delivery. And since it’s all local, you know they literally just made it and it IS fresh. No crazy shipping across the country.


Unfortunately, I only have phone pictures and most of these are after I already cooked the food (and sometimes mixed it up already, woops). I was hungry each time and I just did it, and each time after I mixed it up, I remembered I should have taken the pic before. Oh well.

It was just too good.. I couldn’t help myself ;)


So.. are you curious?


You should check them out, totally worth it! —> Factor 75

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