Apple Doughnuts with Protein (vegan, low fat, no sugar added protein donuts)

I made use of my doughnut pan again! Yay! This time, the batter came out to be more than just the 6 that the pan has room for so I might have made them very full when putting the batter in… in turn, the outcome was a doughnut on one end but a muffin top, kind of, on the other end. Haha, who cares, it’s fun. These Apple Doughnuts are full of protein and SO amazing! Not only are these doughtnuts vegan, low fat and have no sugar added (doughnuts with not sugar?! That’s right!) The flavor was delicious and my dad loved these! He asked me why I didn’t bring more home when I went to visit them on Sunday. He said he could have eaten a whole bunch and more.. as long as he had milk (I don’t know what his obsession is with eating pastries or baked goods with milk. It’s like, he must have milk with it. Strange man haha).

My mom loved that these apple doughnuts were’t overly sweet and that they had a subtle cinnamon flavor. I kind of expected them to turn out even more cinnamony, but my parents ensured that the cinnamon flavor was perfect – not overbearing with just the right amount of pow. I guess it’s just me, I am known for dumping a whole bunch of cinnamon into everything I eat though… that’s my obsession I guess. I just love the flavor though. Plus I love the fact that cinnamon helps balance out blood sugar, so I don’t feel as bad eating more sweeter foods. You already know how big of a yogurt obsessed freak I am. Sadly, there is quite a bit of natural occurring sugars in yogurt. Sigh.

Neither one of my parents could tell these doughnuts were also vegan! Well, they could be vegan anyway, I made them non-vegan but they could very easily be made vegan by using dairy-free yogurt (I used regular plain nonfat yogurt… not Greek *gasp* I know, I know). Also, you could use plant-based protein powder such as hemp for this one. I used Jay Robb’s whey, so I guess these weren’t vegan at all for me, but I have baked with hemp protein powders before with similar results as whey.

This recipe was adapted from Meatless Monday.

Nutritional Stats per 1/7th of recipe (1 donut): 110 calories, 2g fat, 15g carbs, 2.2g sugar, 8g protein.

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever made doughnuts?
  • What’s your favorite doughnut flavor?

Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. says

    Yum! These are making me so hungry. I’m going to add these to my ‘recipes to make’ list for when I get a spare minute. My husband loves doughnuts so I’m sure he’d love these too. I was just wondering, do you think you can make these without a doughnut pan? And if I wanted to leave out the protein powder could I just add more oats?
    Thank you!

  2. says

    I want to make these this weekend. do you think i can omit all together the 1.5 tablespoons NuNaturals Stevia baking blend or what shall i … nev mind, answer is in comment above me.

    i have made blueberry donuts, strawberry donuts, and chocolate donuts in my baby cakes donut maker. :) i still need to try making the blueberry donuts with sour cream. here they come out delightfully moist. :)

    • says

      The Stevia is there to add sweetness, you can alternately add sugar instead or if you don’t like your donuts sweet at all, you can omit completely.

      How do you like your baby cakes donut maker? I’ve seen it at Macy’s and it looks adorable. Not exactly sure how it works though, is it kind of like a waffle maker but for donuts?

  3. David says

    We are always looking for ways to get the kids to eat healthy without them realizing they are eating healthy(because they suddenly would not like the food). Recipes like this are perfect