Keeping up when on-the-go as a busy professional

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Okay, I think it’s no secret that as professionals, we are BUSY.

I, for one, have been more busy I have ever been. And no surprise there. I’m working a full time job, maintaining the blog, AND having a business on my own… takes a lot of dedication and well planned time management to keep this going.

Energy is needed. Support is needed. I perform my best when I’m at my best. I want to talk about a few things that help me stay in tip top mental shape when I’m on-the-go and busy like a bee.

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1. Support my immune system

I do a lot of things to help support my daily grind. One of the things I always include in my daily supplement repertoire, no matter what season, is some vitamin C! A good way to do that is from Ester-C.

Second thing to help your immune system is to drink plenty of WATER! Keep them fluids moving through so the toxins keep getting flushed out and everything is overall working the way it should be.

2. Getting enough rest

Rest is so important. I make it a point to get at least 7-8 hours of shut eye every night. Obviously not every single night is perfect but overall I aim for 8. I know I can work and act optimally then and be the power lady I can be when I’m on-the-go.

3. Planning!

I already talked about this but honestly I love to plan. I love to go ALONG with a plan. And I think planning is a big part of success in anything including seeing your multiple projects move forward to fruition. But it’s not only good for work.. it’s also true for daily lifestyle habits.

I plan out my workouts, what I’m going to eat during the week, and what I’m up to after work. It helps me stay on track and feel like things are moving along smoothly. For example, I take my supplements every morning before breakfast, and some after breakfast. Ester-C is non-acidic and stomach friendly :)

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So, you’re probably like alright – tell me more about this Ester-C supplement already. Alrighty. The best way to learn more about it is to check them out on their website, Facebook and Twitter. But I like to buy it from Walmart in their supplement aisle (bonus tip: it’s on rollback now!).

Check it out and keep up this year friends! Get the support you need!

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Soul Sessions Book Review

You probably know by now that I love to read all the time. I read too much for my own good. Wait, no. There’s no such thing as too much reading :) Haha, who am I kidding.

Ever since I got my Kindle 6 months ago I have been buying books obsessively on Amazon. It’s like.. an addiction. I freaking love it. I’ll browse through it while laying on my bed, thinking about what I wanna read next, and BOOM – I can be reading that new book in a minute. It’s heaven!

So that’s precisely what happened here. I got this book for my Kindle so I could read it in my spare time.

I’ll be honest – most of my reading I do is non-fiction – more business, marketing, and personal development books. Whereas I leave my novels for the cardio machines so that I can have the time go by faster and I can get more engaged in what I’m reading. That was the plan for this book too.

Soul Sessions imageSynopsis of Soul Sessions:

“An engaging journey of love and spiritual awakening, Soul Sessions starts in current day Chicago, where Nick Dalton is a troubled yet highly successful Investment Banker with a gorgeous girlfriend and an extravagant lifestyle. Despite all his success, Nick falls into a deep depression after a life altering event. Just as it looks as though Nick’s life might end in suicide, enter Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist who is expert in both traditional and new age methods of treatment for depression. Together, using past-life regression techniques, they explore several of Nick’s prior incarnations, where he unwittingly discovers a beautiful woman who repeatedly appears as his lover and soul mate. To potentially reawaken his epic love affair, Nick is compelled to search for her in this lifetime. Thus begins an astonishing story of love and intrigue, where Nick stumbles across inconceivable answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries … and once again finds the course of his life altered.”

About the author: Carson Gage has been interested in the mysteries of life and death since the age of seven, when he survived being run over by a speeding car. This experience led him on a journey of discovery for answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

What I thought about the book?

It was interesting. You know how I mentioned I like to read about personal development (and spirituality) but also like novels? Well this was almost like a hybrid. It had a lot of the learning educational pieces in it, along with a nice plot and story which made for reading it a lot more pleasant.

I did like the book. I wasn’t totally convinced at first because it almost sounded like the author was a hypnotist or a counselor or something and was trying to sell you on then wanting to do these types of sessions too (might be a good marketing thing) but then I realized that’s not the case. And the book was genuine. And from there, it made me really like it.

I’ve already done hypnosis before and I did one past life regression via pre-recorded hypnosis audio I purchased (also on Amazon) and it was interesting. I’m not sure if it was real or imagination but regardless it was a cool experience. I’d wanna do it again but with a real person. I think it can definitely uncover some interesting insights. I do believe in past lives. One of my friends is a well known hypnotherapist and she talked about this concept herself and how it can truly heal you in the current life too. That’s what caused me to wanna explore this more in the first place.

It definitely made me think to consider the intuition and gut feelings a lot more. Actually feel okay by being guided by them to move forward and that there IS a plan out there for us to move along if we follow our intuition. Learning this, and reading this, made me feel more at peace.

Overall, I liked the book and recommend it to any reader with an open mind :)


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Let’s Air Dip some Zesty Pringles®! Yum!

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pringles®. All opinions are my own.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Are you a big chip person? I’m more of a sweet person myself but who doesn’t get a craving for good chips every so often, right? Even as I was growing up, I remember Pringles® being one of my favorites… they were like, the creme de la creme of chips for me. Always in that fun packaging. Eating one at a time. Really savoring it.. Mmmm.

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March Featured Contributing Author: Iuliana Lixandru

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take today to highlight a wonderful contributing author on Sensual Appeal. I am so pleased to have her be on our contributors team, her photography and writing are wonderful and she is always filled with so much insight and wisdom. She’s doing some amazing things… say hello to  Iuliana Lixandru! (visit her site here)


Aside from your professional bio… Tell us a little bit more about what you do?

You can say I’m a corporatist turned into a holistic practitioner. I won’t say I’m a naturopath or a health practitioner because I am so much more than that! Since I started studying alternative medicine I never stopped. I am trained and certified in different healing techniques, vegan and vegetarian nutrition, reiki and also a yoga instructor. Most of the times I work with people who tried everything else and when nothing worked they chose the alternative path. My approach is non invasive, I use herbs to strengthen the body and intuitive medicine to look for hidden causes. I also design detox programs for hormonal imbalances, weight loss, cancer or other chronic conditions.

What got you interested in health & wellness?

I had friends that had studied reiki and Ayurveda but in the beginning I wasn’t interested in health and wellness. At that time I was working 12 hours per day, all high heels and a different suit everyday and even if I hated being an employee, I thought I loved working in business consulting. All good until one day I collapsed on the bathroom floor in so much pain that I had to crawl to my phone and call my bff to take me to the hospital. From that day everything changed and the rest is history:)
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What’s always been the number 1 favorite thing about health and helping people around it?

My favorite thing is to hear from old clients that I haven’t talked in years, out of the blue writing me and saying that I changed their life. I’m not talking about pride or ego, but about the pure happiness that I can feel when I see that they have a better life, with less suffering and everything got easier for them. I still struggle with memories of my pain and suffering and if I can stop someone from going through the same pain, I reached my purpose.

Share your most inspiring story that happened to you or one of your clients that can inspire our readers to continue on their healthy living journey?

One successful story, gosh, I have seen so many! I always think I’ve seen everything until I have a new client and then I understand there’s still something to see and learn. I have seen a baby diagnosed with Down syndrome when the mother was six months pregnant and at the birth the baby was normal. I have seen people in coma that were never given a chance and they woke up. I’m not saying I’m doing miracles. I’m just saying that we get so scared and paralyzed by a diagnostic that most of the times we stay sick because of all that fear! I was diagnosed with so many things and doctors told me it is all in my head and there’s nothing wrong with me. I was having chronic migraines, severe allergies, I could barely walk and I refused to accept that I’m going to be living like that all of my life. Now, at 40, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been!

What’s the biggest misconception people have about health & wellness that you wish they would just STOP believing?

I don’t believe it is just misconception. I think it is a combination between fear and a lack of health education. It might not be everybody’s case but I was raised in a sort of a cult for doctors:) Every time I got even a mild cold, my parents took me to the doctor and I was pumped with bags of pills and shots. It just recked my health and weakened my body. I believe in what is called “active” healing meaning that when you get sick, you should do more than just go to a doctor and ask for a prescription. If the doctor doesn’t have the time to discuss all the aspects of your problem, you should do your homework! You should understand the root cause of your problem and make the lifestyle changes needed to prevent the same problem in the future. I guess, you could say that people should stop thinking that the doctor is the one that needs to fix them.
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 What’s your favorite way to get your move on?

I am not really a morning person, but if I go out of the house, you’ll definitely hear the music volume in my car:) If I need something more grounding, I’ll do yoga, or just work on clearing my energy field.

What’s your favorite meal & your favorite thing to eat for that meal?

My favorite meal and diet changed a lot during last ten years. I now eat lots of raw veggies and fruits but I still love thai food and a good tom kha soup. I love to cook and I have tons of cookbooks. Cooking is therapeutic for me. I hate the cleaning part, but I love to cook:)
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How do you work with people currently?

Right now I am working only one on one. It gives me the time and the freedom to focus on each client and really help reach their goals. I am based in Chicago but I have clients all over the world and work with them over the phone or skype. For the people that need more help, they can book me for a whole VIP day and they get a complete health assessment, nutrition and detox plan, fridge and pantry make-over, shopping tour, cooking demo, one B.E.S.T. session or others, depending on the client problems.
If you would like to learn more about the way I work, you can download my five days detox program. It is totally free and you do everything in the comfort of your home. Here’s the link:

 What’s one thing you can share with us that most people don’t know about you?

I love classic movies. Whenever I have some time I’ll watch TCM.