Author: Aneta Duszynska

Why Being a (Modern) Princess Is A Good Thing

Whenever I talk to someone about being a princess I meet with resentment. With guilt mixed with shame. Or at best with broken childhood dreams. Expressed in a certain type of look I get, kind of like ‘Grow up, you lunatic!’. Being a princess was good when you were 5, […]

Compromise: A secret ingredient to every failure

Under a magnifier Meet Andrea. A successful 30 something girl. We will walk with her through her day today and look for some patterns. It is Wednesday today, the day when Andrea usually goes for her morning yoga in the park. The classes start at 6.30AM so she still has […]

Winter Magic Potion: Apple Cinnamon Smoothie Recipe

There is something magical in the winter. With the super low temperature and (hopefully) snow, it is not only about making angles (or eagles – as they are referred to in Poland) and having snow fights. Or memories of snow fights. It is also about the magic that we can […]

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