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Is A Shorter Workout Actually Better For You?  

Most of us think that the more time we spend exercising and working out, the fitter we will get. There are a few different individuals out there that seem to like spending hours doing cardio or in the gym doing repetitions and ab work but the rest of us do […]

How Winter Affects Your Hair, What To and Not To Do?

Are your lovely locks becoming all brittle and dry? Does your scalp become all itchy, flaky and full of dandruff during the winter? Then make no mistake, you need some serious hair care tips! Everybody loves to have healthy hair all year long. But the constant changes in the seasons […]

What your self-talk can do to you…

We all have it. Every single human in the world has their very own self-talk that is continually going. It can be positive, negative, it can build you up, bring you down, make you smile, make you sing, make you cry, make you go completely bonkers but can also make […]

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