Author: Wendy Kuhn

7 Tips on Friendship from My Poodle

I’m often intrigued by how my twelve-pound rescue poodle interacts with other dogs and other people. At a high level it’s easy, he likes boy dogs and girl people, but it’s actually more complicated that that.  As always there are lessons to learn from Pepper that I can apply in […]

My Fourteen Legged Tribe

For me, the lesson is to trust my divine light, my spirit, in choosing tribe members. People are rarely exactly what they seem at first glance and, when we allow the divine light in us to honor the divine light in others, it yields the most unexpected gifts.

I Want to be Unique and Quaint

I love synchronicities. It is great when I am confronting a particular problem or issue and the very next person I talk to has the same challenge or when I am happy or excited about something and someone else feels the same excitement. I am a holistic health coach and […]

Avoid Toxins for Maximum Health

Remember Dr. House?   He would diagnose people with obscure diseases, always at that last minute and often after almost killing them with an incorrect diagnosis. But, that aside, one of the things that he would have his team do is to go to people’s homes to investigate toxins that might […]

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