WIAW with random recent eats & Betty Lou’s has some good stuff

I didn’t manage to snap pics of a whole day’s worth of eats sadly so you guys will have to look at just some random eats I’ve had throughout the past few days. I got most of my breakfasts but I kind of forgot to continue as the day went forward. So this week’s WIAW was kind of a fail. OOHH WELL!

Plus I’ll be talking about some stuff I tried from Betty Lou’s.

Oh, and check out my new business cards for the blog! :) I’m secretly placing them in various places that I think are relevant. I’ve been forgetting to do it at TJ’s but I WILL do it on my next visit! haha

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Recent breakfast: Butterscotch banana protein soft serve topped with Sally’s Natural Crackles cereal (that cereal was a great find – good job, Costco!)

Recent breakfast: Egg scrambled with spinach and onions on a white corn tortilla (TJ’s) topped with ketchup and mustard. Yellow pepper on the side.

Recent breakfast: Two sprouted grain toasts, one with softened goat cheese medallion and one with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge (garlic herb flavor) topped with yellow pepper.

Recent lunch: Panera Bread broccoli cheddar soup (not pictured) and Roasted Turkey Breast sandwich

Recent lunch: Warm pumpkin dessert soup with dumplings topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. I added a video to the post to show exactly how we do the dumpling technique since some people were confused. I hope it clears it up!

Recent dinner: Eggplant melange (TJ’s) with a sprouted grain bread slice

Recent Dessert: Apple Pie Cupcakes for my dad’s belated birthday over the weekend


Now, let me talk do a quick product review: I had a pleasure of trying out some goodies from Betty Lou’s recently. I found them to be the most intriguing because they offer a powdered peanut butter option healthier to PB2 (my love). This is what really drew me in at first glance.. the powdered peanut butters!

Regular powdered peanut butter (similar to PB2) and chocolate peanut butter (similar to PB2 chocolate). The peanut butter from Just Great Stuff is organic and therefore a better alternative as the only ingredients are organic peanuts, organic coconut sugar, and sea salt. This one is also slightly more roasty and salty flavored than PB2 which I liked. I liked that it wasn’t as sweet tasting as PB2. Plus I love the fact that it’s organic, of course!

The chocolate peanut butter is even lower in calories than the regular version, as it’s only 40 calories for 2 Tbsp and its ingredients are organic peanuts, organic coconut sugar, organic alkalized (dutched) cocoa powder, organic vanilla powder, organic stevia extract, sea salt. I never tried PB2’s chocolate variety but I haven’t heard many good things about it actually so this is my first time trying a powdered chocolate peanut butter variety. While it wasn’t necessarily bad, I probably wouldn’t buy it myself. I thought it would taste like reese’s but it didn’t. So that’s that.

The three things forming an upside L shape on the picture are nut butter balls. They are high protein little balls of nut butter and fun stuff – contain 12 grams protein each and are pretty small but also very caloric for the size – 210 calories each. I actually wasn’t a big fan of these – I felt like they were too densely packed and definitely too small to be so highly caloric, although obviously they’ll be high in calories if they’re all about the nut butter. My favorite of these was the almond butter one. I didn’t really like the peanut butter or the coconut one.

What I did enjoy from these are the gluten free fruit bars – these are delicious. They remind me of those breakfast bars I used to eat.. Nutri Grain! Yeah those. I haven’t had those in years but that’s what it reminded me of. I loved these! All of the flavors were delicious although they could be slightly less sweet but that’s just me. Again, I wish they were all lower in calories (they are around 190 each). Some perks of these are that they are vegan, gluten free, high fiber, low fat, and non GMO.

Mmmm fruit bars..

Anyway, moving on, now onto my FAVORITE part of the whole thing. No, my favorite was (surprisingly) not the peanut butter… it were these candy bars. Oh my…glorious flavors. These are amazing! AMAZING! Goodness gracious.

I tried the white chocolate one first because… well, they are called “Angell” and the name lead me to want to eat the one with the light “angelic” colors first – white chocolate with a coconut filling… oh my gosh. I almost melted. Seriously. I forgot what white chocolate tasted like, I haven’t had any in a while now and wow…. this seriously blew my mind.

After trying this amazing white chocolate goodness, I didn’t think anything could compare. I thought I would no longer enjoy dark chocolate after this. Well.. I did enjoy the milk and the dark chocolate both. But the white chocolate won my heart. I shouldn’t have started with that one. Sigh. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. Ahh…


  • Are you a fan of powdered peanut butters?
  • Do you like white chocolate?

Disclaimer: I have received the Betty Lou products free of charge, I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own.

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