How Does Laser Skin Tightening Work? Everything You Need To Know

Over the years, I’ve researched many forms of skin care and that includes some more intrusive techniques such as laser treatments. And while I’ve always leaned more towards the “organic” way, some of my friends have tried laser and they’re brutally happy with the results. However, not everyone feels ready […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar and Acne Treatment: Does It Work?

Acne. It’s one of those problems that you pray will go away when you’re a teenager. And for a lot of people, it does. But it certainly doesn’t for everyone. I remember being so excited when my acne took a brief downturn while I was in college … only to […]

What Is the Best Shampoo For Dry, Itchy Scalp?

What Is the Best Shampoo For Dry, Itchy Scalp?

There are few hair and scalp issues which are as annoying as a dry, itchy scalp. A dry, itchy scalp can irritate you during the day and keep you up at night. Worst of all, many of the products and treatments may actually exacerbate the problem. We know how frustrating […]

5 Tasty Ways to Have Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Skin issues are definitely not skin-deep. As the largest organ in our body, skin reflects the condition inside our body. Sometimes, the best way to relieve skin problems is the fix the root cause so that they can be taken care of once and for all. In this post, I’ll […]

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