The First Step in Overcoming Sugar Addiction (My Health Coach Update #1)

The First Step to Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Sugar detox seems to be quite the buzz word as of late. Many people are admitting to having a sugar addiction and are taking steps to fighting it: most of the time it’s with a detox.

I won the 21 Day Sugar Detox book during Inspiration & Perspiration weekend and although I did not think that much abut myself as having a sugar addiction, the more I thought about it the more I became curious. Maybe sugar addiction really is a thing? (spoiler alert: no, I am not following 21DSD right now, keep reading to learn why)

Wait, do I seriously have a sugar addiction?

In my recent post with step-by-step guide to surviving a juice cleanse, I mentioned that I started working with a holistic health coach. The truth is – I have been feeling more and more at mercy of sugar. The holidays were filled with overindulgence but it seemed like the more I thought about the feelings and the cravings I felt, the more I realized that this is just NOT NORMAL.

I mentioned that my mom suspected candida, but I don’t want to go that route. Fact of the matter is – I have intense and sometimes overwhelming cravings for sugar. I know my metabolism is slow because I am frequently cold, fatigued, and just overall feel lazy. Winter weather surely does not help and it might be giving me a little bit of a case of S.A.D. Regardless of the circumstances, I knew that this is not the way I want to keep living.

I’ll admit – I was jealous of my friends and their apparent restraint when it comes to food. I mean – Who is able to bake a batch of brownies and have them last her a whole week (whereas I could devour the whole batch in a day or two). How can you eat ONE BAR of chocolate over a course of a week?! I don’t get it. HOW are you able to do that when it is right there, staring at you?! I just don’t get it.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

And that, my friends, is a problem. A problem that has ruled my life for many years, even since I was a child, and especially more so since I moved out of my parents’ house almost 5 years ago. (Flashback: I’m free! Eat all the chocolate/cake/ice-cream!)

While I hate the term ‘sugar addiction’ – I will use it for the sake of this conversation. I cringe when I hear it, write it, and think it – because it sounds so ridiculous. Being addicted to something that most people in the world view as delicious, happy, and bright is just… sad. Maybe it’s a legit addiction or maybe it isn’t. Regardless of what the proper term is – having way too much sugar and feeling like you cannot control your sugar intake IS A PROBLEM.

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WordPress Plugins for Food Bloggers: Recipage Vs ZipList – Which is better?

ZipList vs Recipage - Which is a better plugin for Food bloggers?

This is a topic created specifically for food bloggers or any blogger who posts recipes on their blog. We will be discussing two hugely popular plugins for WordPress that allow to embed recipes in an organized way: Recipage and Ziplist. We will be going through the pros and cons of each and lastly, my decision for choosing my current recipe plugin.

If you are a blogger who posts recipes frequently (or not), this is the post for you! I have searched the interwebs for a comparison all over the place when I was debating about choosing the right plugin for me and I didn’t find any resources that laid it all out there for me.

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Social Media Tips: Proper use of @ tweets on Twitter

Twitter Tips: Using @ mentions correctly for success #blogging #twitter #socialmedia #marketing

Twitter is an extremely important tool for any successful blogger.

While you may know the gist of it, there are several things about Twitter that you may not be aware of.

My day job revolves around social media marketing and therefore I spend an immense amount of time on various social media outlets; learning new things about social media and how to utilize it in order to get the results the client desires. I’d like to share a great Twitter tip that you may not be aware of and that may be beneficial to you as a blogger and a social media user.

I recently spoke with an acquaintance regarding Twitter parties. Many companies and organizations host Tweet parties which are a wonderful way to engage and connect with like-minded users, learn more about the topic of discussion, and sometimes even win prizes! Apparently the Tweet-friend I spoke with was reluctant to participate in Twitter parties because she did not want to appear annoying to her followers that would not be otherwise interested in the topic. She was afraid of losing followers because of the constant tweeting she would be doing during the Tweet-up. She was clearly unaware of a certain Twitter tip that I will be sharing with you today…

Beginning a tweet with @(username)


Did you know that if you tweet starting with @(username) such as when directing the tweet toward a certain person, the tweet will not be shown on all of your followers’ timelines?

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Happy 1st Birthday to Sensual Appeal!

Happy Blogiversary to Sensual Appeal

Happy Monday dearies! It just so happens that exactly a year ago (March 11, 2012) was the day I first started this blog. My first post was less than impressive and it was clear I had no idea what I was doing. My first ever recipe posted (Rustic Pear Apple Tart) was actually very good although the photography was definitely not up to par.

It’s been a great year! I have to say I am extremely happy to have made the decision to start blogging. It provided me a great outlet to express myself, learn to bake and cook (kinda), and feel support from an online community that is truly there for you!

I want to thank each and every one of you for being there and for reading Sensual Appeal. Whether you’ve been here since the start or you stumbled upon my blog only recently, I am grateful for every single one of you! Without you, Sensual Appeal would not be here right now.

Also, I hope you are sick of this theme and blog design because I will be doing a full blog redesign very soon! That’s right, Sensual Appeal will be getting a face lift. If you saw my vlog and post from Friday (“I am giving up“) I discussed how my mentality is changing and with it the direction of this blog. I am now going to focus on things that are more relevant to a good life: being happy, satisfied, and mindful. I encourage you to check out my previous post with the video to see where I’m coming from about this change.

And now last but not least, I think this calls for an opportunity to showcase some of my previous posts. There are many blog posts within the corners of this blog that have gotten lost and I’d like to showcase some of the lost posts as well as some popular picks.

Thoughtful Posts:

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Food Posts:

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Fitness and Health Posts:

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Thank you again for all of your continued support!

Stay tuned for a yummy recipe post tomorrow! :)