3 ways to turn your desk into a yoga prop (with video!)


As soon as the clock struck 11:50 every Monday or Wednesday afternoon, I shoved my leggings into my purse, left the office, and headed across the street to practice yoga. It was a totally new world, but I decided to try it out as an act of desperation. At 22, I felt like I had the body of a 90-year-old. And not one of the badass grandmothers in the mall walking around with dumbbells.

I loved my job, but experienced poor circulation, lack of mobility in my shoulders and hips, and fatigue. Yoga did what that extra cup of coffee couldn’t. I immediately saw the benefits it had on my job performance, health and outlook. I was hooked, and yoga became an integral part of my life and health.

Every busy young professional knows that sitting for hours at a desk can cause a host of issues. It’s important to get out of the desk hunch, move the hips, lubricate the joints and, most importantly, BREATH throughout the day. In addition to walking more, eating a great lunch or taking a mid-day class, here are several ways to use your desk for a posture pick-me-up.

Upper body stretch:

This stretch is fantastic for stretching the pecs, forearms and wrists while strengthening the muscles of the upper back. Only take this posture as far as it’s comfortable for the wrists. Hold for 3 breaths, repeat 2-4 times.

Desk Twist:

Twisting is wonderful for overall spin health and for restoring/improving mobility, and you can do this one right at your desk. Be sure to stand tall before twisting. Use each inhale to find space and length in the spine, and use the exhale to deepen the twist. Only go as far as your body wants–don’t force anything. Hold each side for 3-5 breaths.

Desk Pigeon:

Try this version of pigeon pose to open up the outer hips! Take it one really slow and only go into the pose if your hips feel ready. Make sure the foot is flexed, the shin is parallel with the edge of your desk and the torso is between the knee and heel. Hold for 10 deep breaths.

For more tips on improving posture and focus at the office, search #DeskBodyRX on Instagram or visit YogaWithTess.com

Why limiting your calorie intake doesn’t result in a magical body

Should I restrict calories to lose weight?

So, the magical smell of pumpkin pie is everywhere you go. I mean, maybe not everywhere. Sometimes, there is this mind-blowing smell of freshly baked bread. Sometimes, it is the casserole that occupies your brain and block any other thoughts.

As you are to give up and take a bite, you quickly run to the nearest mirror to see the amazing results of your newest diet. It always keeps you motivated. You are committed to look fabulous this winter. When everyone else seem to enjoy an extra piece of food going for cozy and hidden, you are not one of them. Hot all year long is what you are going for.

Should I restrict calories to lose weight?

You stuck to your diet for over two weeks now and at the beginning, it was all magnificent. You limited your calories, followed the recipes and every day you could see your body changing a bit, being closed to the magical one. But now – IT STOPPED!

You run a quick checklist in your brain as you stare into the mirror not believing what you see:

  • sodas – none
  • fast food – none
  • cookies – a half two days ago (while PMS-ing)
  • diet – oh yes!

So what’s WRONG?

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5 Must-Have Gifts for a Fitness Girl from Lorna Jane

We’re in gift shopping season. It’s in full swing. And that’s exciting because that means companies are putting together some great deals… and with it, awesome gift guides.

I don’t know why – but I really like gift guides. They help me a lot.

If you agree, then yay! I have something that will be helfpul to you again. I recently had the pleasure of trying some Lorna Jane items (holy crap, are they amazing?! and I don’t say this a lot) and I just HAD to put together a little “Gift Guide” list of some must-haves you can get for the Fitness Girl in your life (aka yourself) from Lorna Jane.

Alrighty, here are 5 of my favorite things that you totally consider getting:

1. 2015 Diary

Okay, I’ve been a little obsessed with notebooks. And it’s SUCH a perfect coincidence (or fate?) that I had been looking at getting a new diary for 2015 when I got this one in the mail.

And guess what…. I. fell. in. love.

Seriously, this is THE cutest and most inspiring journal ever. It’s focused on helping you have a healthier year – so there’s plenty of tips in there too around fitness, healthy eating, meditation, and more. It’s just really beautifully designed and outlined and I am SO excited for 2015 now just so I can start using it.

Again, I don’t get that excited about stuff. And I am REALLY excited about this one. It’s a total must-have. Check it out here.

2. LJ Training Bag

Okay, every Fit Girl needs a good training bag, right? She needs a place to put her shoes, workout clothes, shaker bottle… And why not make it a CUTE bag too?

So this one definitely fits the bill. Not only is this LJ Training Bag totally cute, but it is the ideal size to fit anything you need and has multiple openings. Totally worth checking out. Take a closer look here.

3. Inspirational Tanks

Every once in a while things get tough. Motivation wanes. And we don’t feel like moving forward. Meh. The bed is sooo much more comfortable, we think.

Who can give us the kick in the butt we need? If we don’t have someone to literally do that, maybe a shirt can help? I’m a big sucker for a good quote and a workout tank is a great place to put it. When a workout starts getting especially tough, just one look in the mirror and you want to keep going. Push through!

Great gift for any fit girl who wants to stay motivated in and out of the gym. Check these Inspirational Tanks here.

4. Tights or Yoga Pants

I guess these are considered tights but I have been wearing them as yoga pants… these pants are SO comfortable, I couldn’t even believe it when I put them on. I wanted to LIVE in them. And… I kind of did. Haha.

I wore them to work with a cute blazer. And I work them around the house. They are just so comfortable, super cute, and flattering on any shape. I am absolutely in love. Check them out here.

5. A sporty long-sleeve top

Personally, I like to wear long-sleeved tops and just more slouchy tops when I work out. I don’t like things to cling to me but probably because I’m not the fittest person on the block. But that’s fine.

So when I first put on this long-sleeve I wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not. I’ve usually considered any sporty women’s tops to be too form fitting and not very flattering on my body. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find this top to be VERY comfortable on me… and I actually liked wearing it. Definitely worth checking out.

Want more?

If you want to get more Lorna Jane goodness.. but this time for your reading pleasure. They have a blog. Here are two articles I recommend checking out:

Why do I like Lorna Jane? It’s not just the comfort and high quality of the items but also the fashion-forward look of the clothes. It’s amazing for the gym, but you can wear it on the street too. Lorna Jane is where fashion meets sport.

Lorna Jane releases 70-100 new styles per month, so there is always something new to inspire you to move.

Lorna Jane has stores in CA,WA,OR,AZ, TX, NV, and is coming to the East Coast in 2015. Find your closest store here – > http://www.lornajane.com/store-finder/list or shop now on lornajane.com

Check them out on these channels:

  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lornajane.active
  • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LornaJaneActive
  • Instagram: http://instagram.com/lornajaneactive

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Lorna Jane.

Buying a Treadmill? Here Are Six Important Questions to Ask the Salesman

Do you have a passion for running, but want to move it indoors? Do you want to improve your fitness, but aren’t ready for the gym? Whatever your reason for buying a treadmill, here are six important questions to ask your salesman first.

1. Is the Treadmill Suitable for My Goals?

It’s important to find a model suitable for your goals. Many factors will influence this, and the salesman should advise you accordingly. For example, if you’re a long distance runner, you’ll need a sturdy treadmill that’s can cope with the miles. Likewise, if you’re a sprinter, you’ll need a model that can keep up with your pace.

Don’t be alarmed if the salesman asks for your weight – this will help determine the type of motor required. The horsepower of the motor is important, and is affected by weight, so must be taken into account when finding the best model to help you reach your goals.

2. Do You Have Space to Store the Treadmill?

You must consider where you’ll use the treadmill, and how you’ll be storing it. Will the treadmill remain in one position inside your house, or will you store it elsewhere when not in use? If you’ll be storing it elsewhere, you should consider a fold-up model. There are lots of exceptional choices when it comes to fold-up treadmills, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on the quality when space is lacking.

If space isn’t an issue, you might want to consider one of the larger, semi-commercial machines. These are often preferred if you have advanced goals, need a model that can support very long distances, or fast sprints.

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