3 ways to kickstart your exercise routine

It’s winter and it’s cold. This means a lot of us might be hibernating and aren’t worried about staying active since 1) it’s cold outside, and 2) summer is ways away.

But the reality is – you need to stay active and exercise on a consistent basis if you want to stay in shape or GET in shape for the summer. The fact is – summer bodies are made in the winter. And besides, having exercise as a constant habit you own makes you feel better every single day.

I know about this firsthand. I definitely abandoned exercise last year and went on phases where I did well and then fell off for several months. It sucks becuase I used to love exercise and did it very consistently… until December.

I got back into exercise in December and I’ve been going strong since then and I love it. I love being back at it, and I know I have ways to go to get in shape the way I once was but I’m confident it’s going well :)

I had to crumple a lot of limiting beliefs and the negative trolls that walked around my brain to keep me lazy and comfortable, but I shut them up and just kept going. So in this post, I want to outline 5 things you can do to get BACK to the exercise routine that will make it easy for you to STICK to.

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5 Easy Ways to Boost your Libido Naturally


The balance between the two female sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone – is critical to maintaining optimal health. Unfortunately, this hormonal balance can be thrown out of whack by factors such as stress, excess weight, not enough sleep, and sometimes side effects from certain medications or environmental factors.

Hormonal balance is a big concern for many women, and it can affect so many areas of our physical and emotional wellbeing. Constantly saying ‘no’ to your partner can also put an uncomfortable strain on your relationship, which then can impact so many other parts of our life.

Recent studies show that an estimated 40 to 50 percent of women in the US and Canada suffer from a low sex drive.   As our lives get busier and busier with both professional and personal demands, it’s easy to put sex low on the ‘to do’ list.

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Is A Shorter Workout Actually Better For You?  

Young woman and man at the gym exercising. Run on on a machine.

Most of us think that the more time we spend exercising and working out, the fitter we will get. There are a few different individuals out there that seem to like spending hours doing cardio or in the gym doing repetitions and ab work but the rest of us do it to see results! We do it to keep fit and healthy and looking good!

While exercising for longer periods of time isn’t necessarily bad for us, the more time = more result myth has been busted! Recent studies have actually shown that shorter, but more intense workouts may actually be more affective and help you meet your goals faster. Whether that’s to lose the 5 pounds you gained over Christmas or to improve your 5km running time. Short bursts of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is great news for us as it means we can spend less time in the gym and more time enjoying life.

Ok so what exactly is a HIIT workout and why does it work?

Most of us very rarely reach our body’s maximum performance, as we don’t give ourselves the opportunity. But there are benefits of reaching your body’s maximum performance such as improved endurance and speed.

So what exactly does your body’s maximum performance mean? Basically it means to be pushing yourself as hard as you can for short periods of time. Most of us can work out for a long period of time at only half our maximum performance, but if we always did this then our bodies would never stimulated the same way as if we were at our maximum performance level. Even if we are at this maximum performance level for a much shorter period of time. HIIT workouts involve pushing your body to do a specific exercise as hard as you possible can but for a defined short period of time such as 1 or 2 minutes.

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How going gluten-free has changed my life and what it can do for you


Experts, among them dr. Daniel Leffler, the Director of Research at the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, claim that a gluten-free diet is “a gigantic burden for those who have to follow it,” and that people with gluten intolerance “get frustrated when they hear how wonderful this diet is.”

Chapter 0: Going against the experts

So, in this article, as I will talk about how going gluten-free has changed my life and what it can do for you, I will go against expert recommendations. With all respect I have for people suffering from various stages of gluten intolerance, I believe this diet can be as much of a burden as it can be of an adventure. With this approach, I invite you on a short journey with me, where I reveal how my life changed since my partner and I waved gluten goodbye.

It is fair to say that our gluten-free diet happened by accident. We were barbecuing with a bunch of friends when they said they don’t eat grains. In the course of the discussion, out of curiosity and by no means expecting we can be gluten intolerant, my partner decided to go gluten-free. For a week, as a test. Especially that our friends couldn’t step telling us how great no grains is for them.

Chapter 1: Panic forded into adventure

Wait what? I am the chef in our home and from now on I am cooking with no grains? No flour? No pizza, no hamburgers, no pasta, no sandwiches, no cookies? WTF? I was – let’s call it a bit – panicky. What do we eat? It seemed not to be possible and the moment I made this realization, I was IN. I saw it as an adventure. As a challenge for my culinary skills. If the health benefits follow, so be it, but the challenge! I was over the moon all the sudden. And so I am several months in.

Chapter 2: How hard can it get?

The beginnings were so much easier than I thought. We just cut the bread, yet kept veggies (that we eat a lot of), meat, fish and fruit. I had a lot of fun cooking and we could say we felt better. Lighter. And, we also have noticed, that we celebrate our meals much more. Which came as a surprise as we love both, cooking and eating, and at that time didn’t expect any level ups coming soon.

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