How to prepare for your first race?

How to prepare for your first race

Preparing for your first race? Perhaps it is an item to cross of your bucket list. Maybe it’s a way to stay in shape. It could be a way to stay active with your family. No matter what your reason is for starting your running journey, it likely will include […]

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Have you ever heard of Kundalini Yoga? I haven’t. To tell you the truth, I thought Kundalini Yoga was just a name of the yoga studio I was going to. I had no idea it was an entirely different practice of yoga! It was my first time trying this type of […]

How to be an UNNATURALLY Quick Runner?

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. Do you want to be the fastest runner you can possibly be? There is a whole community of bloggers out there who focus solely on running. Running bloggers live and dream running, racing, and winning those said races. […]

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