Why I Always Start My Day with a Mug of Hot Water


In many ways, finding good health and a sense of connections to ourselves is really a matter of developing good habits; slowly and steadily replacing non-health-promoting habits with new patterns that ultimately help us feel freer and more relaxed.

A bit over 15 years ago, when I first encountered Ayurveda (the healing system from India) I made my first conscious choice to incorporate a new habit into my daily life, and I have never looked back since.

Each morning, upon waking, I drink a tall glass or mug of warm water before I do anything else.  It may sound strange, but this habit changed my life when I adopted it, and it is one of the first things I recommend to any student or client that I work with.

Here are four reasons a glass of warm water can change your life:

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Avoid Toxins for Maximum Health

Avoid ToxinsforMaximumHealth

Remember Dr. House?   He would diagnose people with obscure diseases, always at that last minute and often after almost killing them with an incorrect diagnosis. But, that aside, one of the things that he would have his team do is to go to people’s homes to investigate toxins that might be at the heart of the person’s problems. It turns out that there are toxins in our lives that might be causing all sorts of symptoms.   Sometimes, we may not even be aware that we are ailing, until we remove the toxin and suddenly feel better.

Unless we live completely off of the grid (and even then) we are all exposed to toxins and trying to avoid all of them would be the cause of much stress, which in itself is a major toxic load on our body. Instead, I try to talk to my clients and live my life with a philosophy of moderation and listening to self.   How much we really do know if we listen to our bodies and our intuitions?

Do you sometimes feel less than great?  Perhaps you are feeling tired, or itchy or cranky but you are not sure why.  It might be worth considering the possibility that it is something in your environment.  Listen to your body.   I am currently trying to figure out if my favorite couch might be emitting unhealthy toxins.  I have friends who are exploring whether alcohol is causing unhealthy reactions in their bodies.   I have known for years that I don’t like being in places where people are heavily perfumed, but it is only in recent years that I have considered that it might be the chemicals behind these scents and not the scents themselves that are causing the problem.

All of this leads me to marvel at the wonder of our bodies. They somehow know enough to tell us when there is a problem.  In addition, often they try to eradicate the toxins by getting rid of them.. I believe that many of us have gotten out of touch with listening to our bodies about toxins. This is made more complicated by the fact that chemicals in our foods and products are designed to make us enjoy them or want more, covering up the underlying chemical or toxin flavor, taste or odor.

Understanding toxins in our environment is difficult. The science is not clear and we often do not know what is actually toxic or the source of the toxin.  One of the reasons that I am so passionate about education about how to avoid the toxins in our environment is that often we don’t know that we are encountering them.  It’s easy to choose to walk away from the back of an idling truck because of all of the exhaust pouring out, but it is harder to know what lurks in our products, our foods, and our furniture.

It is possible, however, to make small, incremental changes to decrease the toxic load on our systems.  To do this, why not start by listening to your body?  Pay attention to when something bothers you and take steps to remove it from your life. It takes a bit of detective work and might require some false starts, but imagine how awesome it would be to have healthier skin, to feel better, and to have more energy all the while reducing toxins for yourself and your family.

Here are five quick and easy tips for removing toxins from your home:

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Step Away From The Salad! 5 Real-Life Tips For Weight Loss.

Step Away From The Salad! 5 Real Life Tips For Weight Loss.

When I first began my weight loss journey at 24 and 195lbs, I ate a salad twice a day.

Avoided carbs and fat.

Punished myself when I didn’t do what I thought I “should” do.

What I chose to eat could make or break my day.

Everything was black or white.

I was also struggling with depression and poor self love.

I was undernourished, overweight and living a bland life.

Over the past 7 years, I have done it all. Most of which did not work.

The purpose of this post is to share my top 5 real life weight loss tips that helped me lose 40 lbs and confidently step away from the salad mentality.

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My Favorite 3-Step Meditation Process to De-Stress Easily

My Favorite 3-Step Meditation Process to De-Stress Easily

I am not gonna lie.

This is my first ever guest post. I am little nervous and lot intimidated. As an Empowerment Educator, I write lessons, a blog and send email mini-lessons just about every day…but, guesting is like giving a little gift of myself and (of course) I want it to be perfect. For you. For our gracious host, Kammie. Perfect, because I cannot bear to imagine saying all of the wrong things and sharing them out into web-land.

But, guess what?

One of my closest friends calls me an “overcomer” and I like to believe it. I’ve learned the hard way what happens when you put on the Perfectionism Pants and decide to join the “Keep Doing More Or You Will Fail” Club. Cancer and adrenal exhaustion taught me that letting go (at least a little) is mandatory practice and that not taking time for me is NOT an option. I have learned much as a lover, fighter, solopreneur, survivor. And, I straight-up live to empower you! I refuse to let a little anxiety stop me from teaching you how to sneak in a few minutes each day for introspection, self-care and healing.


These days, the favorite live and online lessons I teach combine meditation, movement (borrowed from tai chi and yoga), EFT/tapping (to let go of the junk) and positive affirmations (that we sneak in after slipping into a cozy, comfortable self-hypnotic state). They are short, sweet and oh so soothing! I am beyond excited to share one with you…

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