Top 7 Reasons for Loving Your “Lady Parts”

Did you come out of the womb loving your female sex organs, ladies?

A lot of women struggle just saying the ‘V’ word… let alone actually loving what’s down there.

Top 7 Reasons for Loving Your Lady Parts

You may have not seen that many vaginas in your lifetime, compared to your male counterparts who compare the size of their joysticks to the other boy’s joysticks in the locker room, but I can tell you one thing – your vagina is like a beautiful flower.

No-one may have told you that though… especially with society, media, social myths, and your parents telling you not to let your hands wander down there.

So the first step in loving your vagina is to let go of all the conditioning and programming that you’ve been sold.  The second step is to start exploring your vagina and loving what you see looking back at you in the mirror.

Now, this may surprise you, but loving your va-jay-jay is more advantageous than loving your eyes or smile… and you’re about to learn why.

Loving Your Vagina:

1. Increases Self Love

Your body is like a kaleidoscope – if you see the beauty in one part of it, the remaining parts become a reflection of that beauty.  If you focus on the lack of beauty of one part, your other body parts reflect that lack of beauty that you see.  The caveat here is that whatever you see is YOUR perception, and your perception alone.

Is your perception based on lies or your truth?  Abolish the lies and choose your truth.

2. Promotes Self Awareness

The penis didn’t come with an instruction manual, but the vagina should have.  Only ¼ of the clitoris is visible and less of the vagina is actually visible.  What we call the vagina is the vaginal opening – the vaginal canal extends up inside the body.  Because our female sex organ is internal, we have to do more exploring and investigating than boys do.  This self-exploration spills over into other areas of our life as well… that is why more women are spiritual seekers and desire a deeper meaning out of life.

The more you love yourself, the more you will know yourself.

3. Enhances Connection With Your Femininity

Your vagina doesn’t look like a flower for no reason at all.  It is an extension of your feminine expression.  It is more than just a part of who you are – it IS who you are.  Your relationship to your feminine energy is a direct correlation to your relationship with your body.  If you’re not loving your body, you’re not loving your feminine energy.  This creates a myriad of ripple effects… contributing to body image issues, relationship difficulties, feelings of lack, insecurities, frustration, and even the inability to orgasm.

4. Heals Your Body

Your vagina contains reflexology points just like your feet.  When touched, loved, and nurtured, your organs (heart, spleen, kidneys, intestines, and liver) are healed.

Also, all Chinese meridians run through your sexual center, therefore if your vagina is shut down and repressed due to a lack of love, the energy that flows through the meridians (chi) will run into a roadblock.  The meridians’ destination will no longer receive the maximum amount of energy it could because of this blockage.

5. Removes The Issues In Your Tissues

Research proves that your cells are at the effect of what you think and say.  Belief systems, repetitive thoughts, feelings, emotions, past experiences, trauma and programming affect your cells, changing them from a state of ease (spherical) to a state of dis-ease (elliptical) through a process called cellular memory.  This creates a hardening of your tissues, also known as armoring.  What’s at risk here is the level of pleasure you will be able to feel – armoring desensitizes your tissues making you feel less.  What removes the issues stored in your tissues?  Love and touch.  Directing vibrations of love toward your cells will begin to transform the memory of the cells.

6. Prevents Incontinence & Prolapse

When you love your vagina, you will do whatever it takes to keep her strong, happy and healthy.  An ignored vagina will become loose over time and lead to humiliating moments.  Don’t let her embarrass you – start her on a health and wellness prevention program now.  Not only will it prevent a leaky bladder and your organs from falling out – but it will enhance your orgasms two- three- four- and more- fold!

7. Cultivates Sexual Energy

Sexual energy has been known for thousands of years as the key to longevity and vitality.  It was once named as the “fountain of youth” by the Yellow Emperor.  Where does it live?  At your perineum, between your vagina and anus, and is concentrated in your sexual organs.  You have an unlimited supply of sexual energy waiting to be used to transform your body image, relationships, bank account, and even your orgasms… but first, you must  conquer any sexually repressing beliefs or thoughts that are inhibiting it from flowing freely.  A lack of vaginal love equates to a lack of love for your sexual organs.  You must love and heal your body for sexual energy to be cultivated optimally.


So there you have it… the top 7 benefits of loving your vagina.

What 3 things can you do TODAY to show your vagina some sweet loving?

I promise you, she’ll love you back!

Orgasmical Love,
Dr. Shelly

Could having more orgasms help you change your negative body image?

Allergies are the bane of my existence but not forever

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. 

Allergies suck.

That’s it.

Spring comes (pretty late this year, and summer is pretty much here) and so does the pollen, the fluffies floating around and all types of craziness ensues.

As much as I love the blooming nature, it’s gorgeous and all, I don’t exactly love the allergies it brings with me. Stuffy nose. Sinus headaches. Watery eyes. Can’t sleep. Sniffles. Meh. Meh. Meh

I definitely don’t look the hottest during this time. Thankfully the season is pretty much done and I no longer suffer from intense allergies now but when I saw this… you can imagine how sniffly my nose got. No wonder my allergies were acting up. This stuff was EVERYWHERE! Look at this Insta video I took in my neighborhood a few weeks ago.

Thankfully there are ways to hide that Allergy Face. I enjoyed the tips I got from ZYRTEC® celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (@JamieMakeup on Twitter) to help combat challenges like watery eyes, a red nose (bleh), and a puffy face. Check out some of these tips here. She created six makeup looks that are prefect for allergy sufferers. Here are my two favorites:


And this one below is my favorite just because I love smoky eyes. :)


I try to not use meds very often but when the allergies are super bad, ZYRTEC® is a great choice to help you combat those yucky allergy symptoms. Check it out if you ever suffer from allergies too. It provides 24 hour relief of allergy symptoms and starts working during hour 1 on first day you take it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.12.27 PM

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. 

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What is “healthy living” anyway? The answer might surprise you. (Women’s Health Awareness Post)

This post about women’s health and talks about what is healty living – this is part of a sponsored discussion with Walgreens #HerHealth and #CollectiveBias.

Healthy living is something I preach and live everyday.

But what IS ‘healthy living’?

What does ‘healthy living’ look like to you? Is there any right or wrong way to use the term “healthy living” and “healthy habits” when talking about your lifestyle?

what is healthy living #herhealth #shop

You might expect me to say that “healthy living” is all about working out a specific amount of times per week, eating a specific type of food, and being super cautious and aware of what you do and how you act at all times.

Guess what – that’s not it.

The thing is, what is healthy living is not the right question.

The right question is “what does healthy living mean to ME?”

Because I honestly do not think there is one answer to this. There’s no such thing as a right or wrong answer. Healthy living isn’t something that is a black and white concept. Healthy living is about the gray area, the green area, the brown, and yellow, and black, and white, and blue, and…

You get the point.

There is no such thing as a straight answer to “healthy living is…” – because it’s a concept, a belief, and way of being – not a right or wrong.

As soon as we see this (or anything else that’s conceptual) as a right or wrong, we come from the fear and judgment-based frame of mind, which puts us in a constant flow of anxiety, stress, and other fun emotions that no one wants to feel.

This is where eating disorders come into play – we believe we have to eat and exercise a certain way to be “healthy” and we believe, rigidly, that healthy living is a certain way. It’s a way that the models look when they are on magazine covers. It’s the way “experts” tell us to eat and exercise. It’s the way “they” want us to act so we can look good for “them.”

Here’s a concept I want to introduce to you…

Healthy living is what you make it to be for yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to “do” healthy living.

How healthy living used to be like for me:

  • I used to think I needed to be a certain size to be accepted and loved
  • I used to think I needed to eat 1200 calories per day to be healthy
  • I used to think eating fat was a horrid thing and gets you fat
  • I used to think I needed to exercise 5-6 times per week to be healthy
  • I used to feel if I missed a day of exercise, I failed
  • I used to feel if I had a craving and indulged, I was weak and unworthy

How is that healthy living? Sounds like a prison. That’s not healthy! But yet, it was so deeply ingrained in me that this is what healthy living is all about.

The shift into intuitive living

I made the shift and had a breakthrough in March 2013 when I finally said goodbye to diets and the obsession. I gave up on dieting and I decided to embrace an intuitive eating mindset.

I quickly learned that it’s very easy to make intuitive eating as a rigid as any other “healthy living” mindset I described above. It’s entirely possible to take it too far and for it to become obsessive.

Over the months, I shifted away from focusing on how I look like and focusing on how I feel. Spirituality. Self-awareness. Happiness. True feelings that were numbed by food before.

From that point, I was on a journey and it’s when I discovered that “healthy living” isn’t any of those things.

It’s none of it.

Healthy living is living in communion with your soul, your desires, and realizing that respect and love for the body are the beginning of a life that is truly healthful. (click to tweet)

Through a mixture of journaling, daily meditation and gratitude, and exploring my spiritual path, I have become so much more aware of the notion of body.

I have learned to respect it and treat it well because it deserves it. Even when you feel unworthy, you must know that it’s just a belief, a snarky thought that is a lie – your body is a temple and it is worthy of all the love, respect, and kindness in the world.

It allows you to be. It allows you to walk, breathe, live, act.

You do not have control over your body. It isn’t “yours” to keep and do whatever you please – it’s our spiritual home, only one that we have, so you should treat your body like a child, like another person. Be kind to it, treat it well, feed it the food it asks to be fed, ask whether it’s hungry, or thirsty, or bored, or sad, or sore. Ask it why? Be curious and explorative with it. That’s how you create a relationship with you body that’s healthy.

That’s the core of “healthy living” – not that you have to work out 3 times a week and eat 1500 calories per day with 70 grams or carbs or less. That’s just semantics. Those are just little things that divert us from the bigger vision of healthy living – that we must treat our body and mind kindly and compassionately so it can carry us where want to go, let us act out our desires and passions, and experience a fulfilling and peaceful and joyful life that we were meant to live.

So now that I had that preface, I wanted to mention how I take care of my body and mind today.

what is healthy living #herhealth #shop

How I take care of myself today

I do not count calories, carbs, fats, or anything else. I don’t weigh my food. I don’t weigh myself.

I laugh. I live. I exercise when it works for me and when I can feel my body wanting me to. I meditate to quiet my body so I can let my body speak to me.  I do it out of respect. I journal to give order and clarity to my thoughts. I help other passionate women create and maintain their own solo businesses (and bloggy businesses).

I also feed my body mostly real foods and use supplements when I feel it’s necessary. I like to take Fish Oil daily and I take Vitamin C whenever I feel like I might be getting a cold (which is now, but I think it might be allergies too) and I usually get them from Walgreens since they have literally everything you could need.

what is healthy living #herhealth #shop

I also recently got a Multi-Vitamin for Women because I haven’t taken it in a while and I think it’s nice to go through a phase of taking it once in a while when I do’t eat enough veggies or fruits on the particular day. I’m not rigid about it though and I do it when I know my body would like it.

what is healthy living #herhealth #shop

I exercise my body twice a week. Yes, only twice. It feels right for my schedule and it feels GOOD. I run and do yoga. I haven’t lifted weights in months. It feels fine.

I also exercise my mind by reading every single day and getting inspired to move forward with my own business (PS. If you like to read inspirational books, check out this FREE Entrepreneurial Virtual Book Club – I’d love to have you join us!). I picked up the Entrepreneur magazine from Walgreens and had the Fast Company magazine. This is a part of my healthy habits – getting inspired and motivated by other successful entreprenurs. I love it.

what is healthy living #herhealth #shop

So… what do you think?

What is “healthy living” to you?

Let us know in the comments!


The Shocking Truth About Salt

This post will uncover the shocking truth about Salt +you will learn if salt is good for you – facts that you might not have known before – this content is sponsored by Salt Revolution but all opinions about the product are my own.

The first time I heard this, I was stunned.

I felt like all the years I’ve lived my life believing a lie.

You might be surprised too…

Is salt good for you?

Let me back up really quick.

A few weeks ago, I was on a call with my Health Coach and we got to the topic of salt. She had sent me some materials to read over and wanted to know my opinion.

“I have no idea what to think anymore. I’m so lost. I feel like I have been lied to for all these years but it makes so much sense.”

The topic of salt is not something a lot of us challenge. You think it’s “bad” and you just accept it. My parents had always said “don’t use so much salt” so I learned to never use it at all.

I’ve always had low blood pressure so when, a few years ago, my doctor told me it would be okay if I used a little bit more salt in my diet, I was stunned. Say wha? A doctor said that? True, she’s a holistic doctor (okay, chiropractor to tell you the truth) and had a strong emphasis on holistic and alternative medicine, but still. I was a little confused.

But I took that as a go ahead to have a little bit more salt. But the thing is – I didn’t actually allow myself to have a lot of salt anyway. I was used to never using salt. I never even owned salt at my apartment simply because I didn’t use it. Literally. Never. Your tastes change and you get used to this.

So when my Health Coach and I were talking about Salt, I was almost resistant to this notion that salt is actually good.

I understood it. I believed it more. But still, something old from my habits was saying “I’m not so sure.”


Then, I learned of Salt Revolution. And I knew that I am on the right path to truth. (sounds more spiritual than it is)

I am a strong believer in synchronicities and that everything happens for a reason. I know Salt Revolution appeared in front of me because I needed that extra push to recognize that salt IS good and it IS okay (and recommended) to use salt.

Wait, so…. Is salt good for you?

Okay, so there’s more to this than just the simple notion that “salt is good for you.”

[Read more...]