How to Detox Without Deprivation

how to detox without deprivation

Cleansing is pretty popular these days. For many, including myself years ago, the word cleanse conjures to mind thoughts of deprivation, juices for day, and some extreme kind of Master Cleanse. Cleansing the body is important because we live in a stressed world. Not only do we consume foods that are laden with pesticides, we also have stress in our life, which contributes to toxicity.

Doing a cleanse four times a year during the changing of the seasons is ideal to clean out the toxins that find their way into our bodies, causing metabolism issues, weight gain, headaches, low sex drive, and overall toxicity that can take away from our happiness.

I love cleansing my body, because it cleans out the pipes. Cleansing with all natural, whole foods that are rich in oxygen gives the body exactly what it needs to recharge, rebuild, and regenerate. Cleansing is not and should not be about deprivation. Even with a juice cleanse, you can add steamed vegetables for some extra energy or a pureed raw soup if the juice cleanse is too depleting for you.

Cleansing is really about finding balance and harmony within the body and mind. Eating cleansing foods is vital for your health. This includes items such as juices, smoothies, fruits that are low glycemic and great for flushing the lymph (think: apples, grapefruit, berries, lemons, and limes), leafy greens (like kale, dandelion greens, and parsley), healthy fats (avocado, hemp seeds, and coconut oil), and plant- or animal-based proteins to support the regeneration of cells.

But let’s go a step deeper and talk about cleansing the soul. I used to think detox was just about the food on my plate, but it is about so much more than that. Detox is about removing what does not serve us emotionally as well as physically. Every cell in the body carries both physical and emotional toxicity.

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My 5-Step Formula for Overcoming Insomnia

In this post you will learn the 5-step formula that works for me in terms of overcoming insomnia… it might work for you too.

how to overcome insomnia

What I learned from a decade of Insomnia

My first long stretch of sleeplessness started my sophomore year of high school. I’d lie awake in bed, staring at the clock slowly creeping its way closer and closer to my 5:00AM alarm. When morning finally arrived I had to navigate the school day with just a few hours of sleep under my belt.

There’s a scene in Fight Club where Edward Norton’s character is sleeping so little that he’s hallucinating at the office, seeing lights flicker and having visions of Brad Pitt. I’d see strange and disorienting things from time to time, too, imagining aliens in the rearview mirror and mistaking trees for people. I startled my family one evening, screaming when I thought our cat was a ghost flying at my feet. Sadly I had zero visions of Brad!

While my sleep challenges as an adult weren’t quite that extreme, rough patches were still miserable. I followed every pro-sleep tip I came across and strictly controlled my evening and morning routines. It felt like endless trial and error.

There’s a desperation that comes with not being able to fully rest. Many of us who have struggled with sleep feel like we’ve tried it all. We’ve read the sleep hygiene pamphlets from our doctor, guidelines on Web MD, the “Top 10 Million Tips to a Good Night’s Sleep” online, and tried suggestions from our friends.

Some of this advice has worked and some made us feel all the more isolated in the wee hours of the morning. The fact of the matter is this:

The path to better sleep isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Our needs vary widely, so we may need to search for a while to figure out what works. At the same time, we aren’t alone. Not in the least. 56% of Americans feel that they don’t get enough sleep most nights. Over half of us are on this path!

So it’s with an ocean’s worth of gratitude that I admit I haven’t experienced a long stretch of insomnia in years. It took nearly a decade, but I’ve found what gets me the amount of sleep that my body needs on a consistent basis. Some of it’s little stuff, like caffeine intake and physical activity, but the most effective parts of my sleep formula are deeper.

Overcoming Insomnia: I want to tell you about my formula not because what works for me will necessarily work for everyone, but because it might give you some food for thought if you’re struggling with sleeplessness, too.

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Things I Love More Than Food: Hot Showers On Chilly Nights

Disclaimer: this post was written a long time ago and was hidden in the depths of my drafts, haha. Time to see the light of day!


There is something about a hot steamy shower that makes me really happy. No, not in a weird way, get your head outta the gutter. I’m serious.

I never really stopped to think about this but hot showers really make me feel good. The hot shower embraces my body in a way that nothing else does. It provides the ultimate feeling of warmth and comfort.

Because I lack the feelings of intimacy and comfort from another human being, I crave for comfort, warmth, security, and intimacy in other places. This often translates into craving food. More so than food, it creates the feelings of craving for the behavior of eating which provides the temporary feelings of comfort as well as numbness from the issue at hand.

I’m looking for alternative ways to combat these cravings. Instead of going about in a negative way by implementing “strong willpower” and whatnot which doesn’t work in the long term, I’m looking for positive ways to diffuse these feelings of lacking and get the same reward from elsewhere.

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BodyVega Fish Oil Review + Giveaway (up to 50 winners!!)

This post is sponsored by Body Vega but all opinions are my own.

Body Vega Giveaway

Alrighty, today we are talking Fish Oil. Do you take it as a supplement?

I don’t take a lot of supplements and I go through phases when I take more than other times, but the only supplement that has stayed constant through the phases has been fish oil. It’s the only supplement I actually take on a regular basis.

But it wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, I hated taking it but did it because I “had to.” My mom would make me take it and I seriously despised the gross fishy aftertaste. My burps would smell of fish. Gag. So nasty. No, thank you.

It took me a while to finally find the right supplement for me that didn’t have that aftertaste and when I did, my relationship with Fish Oil changed for the better.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Now today, I want to introduce to you one of those amazing fish oil companies that has zero yucky aftertaste. But that’s not all that’s great about it (that’s not even their selling point, I guess it’s just important for me, haha).

Body Vega is a new company and they sell their fish oil on Amazon and they have the best customer service, honestly – they are so sweet and you can tell they really just want to make the experience the best. Okay, okay – I’m getting ahead of myself again.

Now what’s so special about this? Here’s what they list on Amazon:

  • #1 cleanest and purest Fish Oil: Sourced From Deep Sea, Cold Water Fish for Maximum Omega-3 Potency. Tested For Over 250 Contaminants, Including Mercury, And Molecularly Distilled For Guaranteed Purity.

  • Straight from the source: From Chile and Norway, The #1 Recommend Source, So It Is Free Of Pacific Toxins Caused From Nuclear Fall Out.Maximum OMEGA-3 potency: Doctor Recommended 1,500mg Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Up To 50% More Than Competitors’) For Guaranteed Reduced Inflammation and Less Joint Pain, And High EPA and DHA Levels Support Long-Term Eye, Heart and Joint Health, While Boosting Mood, Focus, and Productivity.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Love It Or Leave It. If, For Whatever Reason, You Don’t Love BodyVega Fish Oil, Just Return The Empty Bottles For A Full No Questions Asked Refund.

  • Top rated supplement company on Amazon: With A 4.9/5 Average Rating, Happy Customers Love BodyVega, And We Love Them! We Follow Up With Every Customer To Make Sure That They Are 100% Satisfied, Giving Us One Of The Highest Levels Of Customer Satisfaction Anywhere. If That Rubs You the Wrong Way, Feel Free To Grab a Bottle From Any Of the Other Brands on Amazon Who See You As Just A Number. If You Are Not 100% Satisfied With Your Purchase For Any Reason, We’ll Replace It Or Refund It, No Questions Asked.


Photography by Kamila Gornia

Personally, I think I found my match in fish heaven. This is the company for me :) (I mean, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about this right now)


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Photography by Kamila Gornia