5 Tips for Eating Mindfully (and feeling better) during the Holidays

Photography by Kamila Gornia

The holiday season is so often a time of sensory overload. Almost everywhere we go, we are confronted with loud noises, strong scents and excessive visual stimulation. At the same time, it’s supposed to be a season of hope, joy love appreciation and gratitude. It seems to me that the simple step of taking a timeout from the chaos by being mindful when we eat can be a great way to refresh, regenerate and revive amidst the chaos.

How I began the shift into body-acceptance


Today we are talking about body-acceptance! Body-Love Wellness Circles by Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is an immersion into the power of body-acceptance.The Circles will be focused around transforming the relationship you have or may not have with your body, food and yourself.This post is part of the Body-Love Blog Tour, which is spreading body-acceptance to the masses. To […]

“You can’t eat intuitively if you eat healthy!”


I recently received a comment from a reader that stirred some thoughts in my head about intuitive eating and healthy/clean eating and whether the two are one and the same or whether they cannot exist simultaneously at all. It was the post where I discussed some dietary changes I am adopting namely limiting dairy (except […]

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