Join Me At The #MyMarianos Twitter Party on 2/14 10am CST

Twitter-Party-Disclosure-2014-1024x116 MyMarianos-Twiitter-Party-2-14

There are just so many reasons to love Mariano’s, and especially for Valentine’s Day!   The flowers you need for your loved one can be picked up in the amazing floral department.  Need a bottle of wine?  Mariano’s has a wonderful wine selection!  The bakery can supply a cake, cupcakes, cookies or whatever you need baked for this special day.  You can even pick up the ingredients you need for a memorable home-cooked dinner!

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, most places will be super busy unless you made reservations months ago. But don’t fear!  Because as you can see, you can easily find everything you need at Mariano’s this Valentine’s Day. So forget the craziness of going out and instead create the perfect Valentine’s Day evening in with the help of Mariano’s!  I will be shopping there to get everything we need to celebrate this holiday as a family and I hope you will too!

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Mariano’so?

Join me at the #MyMarianos Twitter Party!

DATE:  February 14, 2014

TIME: 10 am – 11 am CT/11 am – 12 pm EST

PRIZES: 5 – $100 Mariano’s Gift Cards

EARLY BIRD: 1 – $50 Mariano’s Gift Card

RSVP: #MyMarianos Party Page 

LOCATION:  SoFabChats Tweet Grid 

HOST: @blm03

CO HOSTS: @thedomesticexec@kokammie and @3girlsmomma19

SPECIAL GUEST: @MarianosMarket

PARTY RULES: #MyMarianos Official Rules

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Some recent updates to Sensual Appeal

Content updates for Sensual Appeal - 2014

Hi there friends,

As you might have noticed I am not posting as frequently as I once did on the blog. The truth is – it’s true, the posting is more sporadic than it was before. However, you might have also noticed that although the posts may be more sporadic or even infrequent, at times, they are also more thoughtful and in general, higher quality, than they have been previously.

I have a full-time job now that keeps me busy during the day and I do not always have the time to think of next blog posts nor do I always have the energy to do so. However, have no fear – to compensate for this, I have made a commitment to making sure that on the times I DO post, I will do my very best on making sure I provide you with the very BEST content I possibly can. This website is as much mine as it is yours – I want to give you the best information and thought-provoking content you could find.

In short, I write each post in a way that makes me PROUD to post it. I don’t want to post all the time and not really have anything important or helpful to say.

As a summary of what you can expect to find on this blog, now that things have been shifting a bit for me in terms of my own life and my own priorities…

What to expect:

    • More thought-provoking content that relates to self-love, confidence, society, and psychology – one of my majors in college was psychology and it has always been one of my passions. I knew I would never do it as a career (I’m not the psychologist type of girl) but the passion is there, I love to learn and share the things I learn about psychology and how we, as human beings, interact, think, and behave. You can find more posts about topics related to this such as the post “Before you compliment someone, think about this first” and “When a compliment feels like a lie… and what to do about it.
    • Health and Wellness – Yes, this is not changing. The core of this blog is health and wellness and it will remain there still; I will however provide you guys with more comprehensive articles that you can refer back to in the future such as “The ultimate guide to surviving a 3-day juice cleanse.” Some notes: I have been working with a health coach for the past month and my newfound knowledge is different than what I’ve ever considered before. I am beginning to understand nutrition more than ever before and I am leaning toward more traditional real whole foods – traditional nourishment that is healthy in and of itself. Lots of fats. Little dairy. Less grains. And a lot less sugar. Nature is beautiful and I’m embracing it, finally.
    • Healthy Recipes – You might have noticed there are less recipes and that’s because I am focusing on eating more simple food, that frankly is too simple for a recipe of its own. I will however be posting more recipes that are not sweet – more dinner, lunch, and breakfast recipes. Now that I am overcoming my sugar addiction along with the help of education and visualizations from the Gabriel Code, I am no longer feeling the need to eat sugar as much and therefore opt for more real foods throughout the day. I’m hoping that future recipes will reflect that. But do not worry, we all have splurges and plus, I like to bake for my friends and family, so you will still see delicious sweet recipes as well!
    • Videos – I am so excited about this one. I will be doing interviews (first one coming this Friday!), coming out with a bi-weekly Tips video about fitness from my friend who is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor (PS. If you have any questions you’d like answered in terms of fitness, make sure to drop me a line and we will be sure to cover it!) Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay on top of it all (not all videos will be getting posted on the blog directly).
    • HAPPY STUFF! :) Ways to relax, de-stress, be happy, healthy, free, mindful, and indulging in life that you deserve!

Accepting Guest Posts on Sensual Appeal

Opportunities for writers and fellow bloggers:

Now accepting guest posts:

I will be now accepting guest posts from bloggers and writers about topics outlined above. I will, however, need some qualifications before accepting any guest post to be published on Sensual Appeal and I do not guarantee that your submission will be accepted.

Guest Post Guidelines:

    • You must be a good writer and show writing samples when emailing me.
    • Be mindful of my audience and write in accord to the things that Sensual Appeal stands for and believes in. This shouldn’t be hard if you actually read the blog.
    • GOOD articles – not your boring articles you can find anywhere online. I am committing to QUALITY for Sensual Appeal and that means I am looking for true quality in the guest articles – I want comprehensive articles, ones that are helpful to the reader and unique to this blog. I only accept original content. Here’s an example of a great guest article.
    • For RECIPES: If you want to contribute a recipe, please write an introduction to it, it can be personal or about the recipe (disregard total word count), make sure to include high quality photos taken with a professional camera. Given that I am a highly visual person, and so is my audience, I put great photography at a high priority.
    • Word count: 700+ words
    • .doc or .docx format for articles
    • Please attach images separately in the email but also show where you think they should go in the article.
    • Send a headshot and a short bio to be included in ‘About Me’ section

Email me topic ideas or finished articles to sensualappeal [at] and I will make sure to get back to you within a couple of days with my response.

If your article is published, it means you did a great job and I enjoyed your article. I will be greatly appreciative for your help and I will promote your article to my entire audience throughout all social media channels and my email newsletter for maximum exposure.

So yeah, that will be all of the updates for now! Hope it wasn’t overwhelming :)

By the way, remember when I posted about these awesome Koss Fit Series headphones for women? I use the FitClips every time I work out and I freaking loveee them. They never fall out. Well, they are now on sale on Walgreens for only $19.99 (limited time only) and it works for all models and colors! It’s only fair I share this (although randomly) since these are seriously awesome.

My Favorite Stress Relief Techniques That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Is stress weighing you down but you don’t want to dish out extra money? These are some of my favorite stress relief techniques I use on a frequent basis that do not cost a fortune. Make the time investment in yourself – treat your body and mind well. 

The best Stress Relief Techniques that don't cost a fortune!

Living in times where being busy is glorified can really take a toll on our emotional well-being. That’s why today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite stress relief techniques that are enjoyable and fun.

Do you sometimes feel stressed out? Do you feel like you could definitely use some time for yourself but you are out of money (or ideas) for a massage (great option with wonderful benefits but unfortunately it can get pricy) or a professional mani pedi (typical girl activity but costs money as well). Today, you will learn my favorite stress relief techniques that don’t require you to buy anything special that you don’t already have at home. Why spend money on unnecessary products when we have all that we need right here?

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Black Friday Weekend Sales!

EVERYONE loves shopping! Point me to a person who genuinely dislikes shopping and making a good deal on a sale and I will… be very surprised. Shopping is like therapy for me. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, haha. But I love doing it. Thankfully I’m also rather picky with what I buy so I don’t actually ever spend more than I intend to. It’s hard for me to actually find things that are worth buying.

Black Friday on the other hand… well, let’s just say – it’s easier to get in the mood since there are great sales going on EVERYWHERE. It’s fantastic. So I’ve got some cool offers to share with you today that you might enjoy! All of these are electronic so no need to leave home to get it. So technically I guess they are are more like Cyber Monday deals but they are good on Black Friday as well :)


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