Why limiting your calorie intake doesn’t result in a magical body

Should I restrict calories to lose weight?

So, the magical smell of pumpkin pie is everywhere you go. I mean, maybe not everywhere. Sometimes, there is this mind-blowing smell of freshly baked bread. Sometimes, it is the casserole that occupies your brain and block any other thoughts.

As you are to give up and take a bite, you quickly run to the nearest mirror to see the amazing results of your newest diet. It always keeps you motivated. You are committed to look fabulous this winter. When everyone else seem to enjoy an extra piece of food going for cozy and hidden, you are not one of them. Hot all year long is what you are going for.

Should I restrict calories to lose weight?

You stuck to your diet for over two weeks now and at the beginning, it was all magnificent. You limited your calories, followed the recipes and every day you could see your body changing a bit, being closed to the magical one. But now – IT STOPPED!

You run a quick checklist in your brain as you stare into the mirror not believing what you see:

  • sodas – none
  • fast food – none
  • cookies – a half two days ago (while PMS-ing)
  • diet – oh yes!

So what’s WRONG?

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