WIAW: Adult Meals

Photography by Kamila Gornia

I’m trying to eat more adult food. I’m still transitioning to being a real adult, I think, and my diet has consisted of mostly yogurt, cereal, fruit, eggs… sometimes a sandwich here and there. And then whenever I would go out to eat with friends. There was never home-cooked real meals. The only time I […]

Cause sometimes you need a foodie post!

Single Serving S'mores Cake in a Mug by sensualappealblog.com

I realize we all need to feed our hungry eyes at some point or another, that’s why I’m doing a late WIAW post where I’m going to share with you what I’ve been eating lately. Or… I guess what I’ve been eating lately that I managed to snap a picture of! 😉 First, I’ve been […]

WIAW: Just a regular Saturday

Sweet Potato Hash

Whew, I haven’t done a proper WIAW post in a while! I finally managed to take photos of everything  I ate in a day and that day happened to be last Saturday. I’ll start from the beginning… Friday night ensued a few drinks and I usually opt for eggs for breakfast the morning after. I […]

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake (Gluten-Free and Almost Paleo) and other things I ate on my 23rd birthday

chocolate chip cookie protein pancakes

Scroll down for the yummy breakfast recipe I had on my birthday: the Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes that tasted more like cookies 😉 Yum! 23 is not a huge number but it definitely makes everything seem a lot more real.  I guess I am no longer a child. Far from it. I don’t really want […]

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