Diet & Weight Loss

I’ve been on a diet/weight loss program on and off for many years now. I’ve read and tested my fair share of supplements, diet programs and plans, as well as read numerous related books. Here are some related posts I’ve written about the topic of weight loss:

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10 ways to distract yourself from getting cravings due to boredom


Some good books about weight loss:

Change your Brain, Change Your Body – by Dr. Amen

 Eat Clean Diet Stripped – Tosca Reno

Eat This, Not That by David Zinchenko

The Skinny Rules: Secrets Every Skinny Girl Knows

Women Food and God: An Unexpected Way to Almost Everything – by Geneen Roth


 Here are some other resources that I like for weight loss and motivation:

3 Fat Chicks – diet/weight loss forum


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