Easy Homemade Red Velvet Protein Bars

Do you eat protein bars often?

Red Velvet Protein Bars by sensualappealblog.com

I do. Mainly because they are easy and mess-free and get the job done. Okay, okay – most of them also taste really good. Unfortunately, many protein bars contain ingredients you wouldn’t expect to find in a “health” product – artificial colors, flavors, or sugars, to name a few.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find a protein bar that’s absolutely healthy: sugar free, full of protein, vegan and CHEAP? I know, I know. You say “Kammie, don’t be ridiculous now, we don’t live in a Fantasy World.” Sorry. But what if I could tell you all of these things ARE indeed possible?! Don’t believe me?

Red Velvet Protein Bars by sensualappealblog.com

Have you ever MADE your own protein bars? Too hard, you say? This couldn’t be farther from the truth. With these amazingly delicious and healthy Red Velvet Protein Bars, you will fall in love!

I wasn’t always a fan of Red Velvet. Back in the day I even wrote a post about the Foods Others Love that I Hate and Red Velvet was on that list. I just couldn’t bear eating something with such a pure red color that is so obviously fake. Well, have no fear – I have eaten plenty red velvet since then, for example the jaw-dropping Red Velvet French Toast on Monday (holy crap, for real).

Red Velvet Protein Bars by sensualappealblog.com

I’m done talking now. Go make these Protein Bars. You will be surprised how EASY these are!

Hop on over to Laura’s blog at Sprint 2 The Table for the recipe.

Shared at Wellness Weekend.
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xo Kammie


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