Get a free $20 ride with this crazy thing called Lyft!

Lyft Promo CodeSo I have a brutally honest confession to make; I am very tired of conventional transportation. Being from the Chicago area, I am used to taxi cabs and public transportation. But as any resident of a big city knows, public transportation can be overwhelming. So I tried out Lyft, a ridesharing app that provides users rides with rides on demand. The best part? New users can use a Lyft promo code at signup that gives them a free $20 credit good towards their first ride!

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Get the app!

If you are interested in trying Lyft, then download the app and take a free ride! The app is free, so simply download it, enter the Lyft promo code SENSUALAPPEAL, and take a ride on us!

How does it work?

Lyft is different from a conventional taxi because it lets you instantly request a ride directly from your Lyft smartphone app. Lyft pairs riders with a reliable driver in the area at the touch of a button. The drivers are fun, safe, friendly, and reliable. Once you are paired with a driver, it is their responsibility to come and get you, nobody else, so you can be sure you will have a ride.

Getting a ride can be done in three steps:

Lyft request ride

1. Open the Lyft app and check driver availability. The app will automatically detect your location, then show you available drivers in the area, and how far away they are.

2. Select your ride type. There are two types of Lyft vehicles; regular and Lyft plus. A regular Lyft can accommodate up to 4 passengers, while a Lyft Plus can accommodate up to 6.

3. Press Request Lyft and the app will pair you with a driver, who will then come to pick you up. Easy!

How is Lyft different than a cab?

This is always the first question I get when I tell people about Lyft. Lyft is different than a normal taxi because ride requests are handled entirely through a smartphone app. Gone are the days of tying to flag down a busy cab, only to be let down when it drives by and there is somebody in it. Or calling a cab, waiting 20 minutes for it to arrive, only to realize that it isn’t going to show up.

Lyft is also 20% cheaper than a normal cab, meaning you can spend that extra dollar or two at the bar. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Is Lyft safe?

Yes, Lyft is very safe! Unlike the horror stories you hear about Uber driver after Uber driver making a passenger’s life hard, Lyft is safe.  When drivers apply to drive, they are screened online, in person, and also given an intense background check. In addition, the cars are also checked out before they go on the road, ensuring you not only ride with a safe driver, but also can rest assured knowing that the car meets even the highest safety standards.


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