Mocha Banana Protein Soft Serve

As you probably already know, post-workout or post-run eats are hugely important in proper recovery. My recovery meals range from protein oats, shakes, eggs, or…. soft serve. Wait, soft serve? Yes! Because I have an enormous sweet tooth and just because I like to eat healthy doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my preferences and my sweet tooth… like chocolate? No way, I could never give up chocolate. So today I am sharing with you guys my go-to quick recovery meal, a Mocha Banana Protein Soft Serve. Are you ready for this? I hope so.

I used to drink my favorite recovery meal as a regular protein shake at first. The Mocha Banana protein shake was one of my first recipes to be posted on my blog and I’ve been drinking it quite a lot ever since. I recently tweaked it to make it more decadent tasting. Because I’d rather feel like I’m eating dessert. That’s just me and my huge sweet tooth. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I hope you make this delicious vegan recovery snack/breakfast/dessert/whatever-else-it-could-count-as.  It’s not only healthy and vegan, it also has no sugar added! So you can have no guilt for satisfying that mocha craving.

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Head on over to Will Run For Margaritas for the recipe!

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