Unbelievably delicious Snickers Cupcakes

Friday was my roommate’s birthday. Ashley turned 23! Gosh, we’re old, haha.

Ashley’s favorite candy bars are Snickers. I have no idea how she remains so tiny when she loves candy and sweets so much. I wish I could be like that.

Snickers Cupcakes by www.sensualappealblog.com #cupcakes #dessert @snickers

Naturally, I wanted to cater to Ashley’s preferences so my choice for her birthday dessert were Snickers Cupcakes. Combining the deliciousness of Snickers candy bars in a cupcake form to make the recipe a little more festive. I knew she would enjoy the gesture. And she did indeed. These gourmet cupcakes were delicious and probably one of the best homemade cupcakes I have made yet.

Snickers Cupcakes - taste just like the candy bar!

These cupcakes literally taste like Snickers candy bar… except better, because they are cupcakes after all!

The filling is delicious – chopped up Snickers coated in caramel sauce.

Snickers Cupcakes - taste just like the candy bar!

The frosting is a caramel frosting. Mine turned out a little more drippy than I would have liked because I added some almond milk in there and it ended up being too much but that’s alright because it wasn’t too drippy and the flavor was still all there.

Then we can’t forget about the decorative tip – Placing a chopped mini Snickers on top of this beautiful dessert to top the sugar coma off. Yes. This cupcake is far from healthy. There is nothing healthy about it.. well at least the cake part of the cupcake is vegan.

Snickers Cupcakes - taste just like the candy bar!

Enjoy the sugar coma :)

PS. Sorry if the photos are a little oddly colored, these photos were taken very quickly and around midnight when I finally finished baking them. It was my first time using a daylight-temp continuous light for food photography so I’m not super experienced with food photography at night just yet. I’ll get there!

Tips: This recipe is for 5 cupcakes! You can double if you want to make more!

The recipe for the frosting yields a lot more than just for 5 cupcakes though, you could probably safely decorate up to 10 cupcakes with it, if you went light on the frosting. I don’t know how that works for my recipes. Things always end up weirdly haha. I recommend you NOT to make a smaller amount of caramel sauce though.

Kammie wants to know:

  • What’s your favorite candy bar?

  • When’s the last time you had a Snickers?

Let me know in the comments below!


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    Oh my gosh these look AMAZING! I love how they’re the perfect balance of healthy and naughty. Snickers is one of my favorite candy bars (I used to eat one a few times a week after lunch in high school…insane), so this is a recipe I definitely bookmarked :)

  2. says

    Ok I just totally drooled all over my keyboard!! LOL!
    Just Fabulous!!

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    Also if you are not busy Sunday, we have a awesome Lets Get Social Sunday Party where you can link up your blog and all your social sites to meet new friends and gain more followers:)

    Have a Awesome Day!!

    PS Pinning these!!

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    Oh wow girl, these look gorgeous!! And I think the pics came out pretty well! I always THINK I like Snickers until I take a bite…nope! But make me some of these with Reese’s cups and I’ll love you forever…even if my hips hate you! 😉 xoxo

    You’re friend is one lucky lady!