Why I Always Start My Day with a Mug of Hot Water


In many ways, finding good health and a sense of connections to ourselves is really a matter of developing good habits; slowly and steadily replacing non-health-promoting habits with new patterns that ultimately help us feel freer and more relaxed.

A bit over 15 years ago, when I first encountered Ayurveda (the healing system from India) I made my first conscious choice to incorporate a new habit into my daily life, and I have never looked back since.

Each morning, upon waking, I drink a tall glass or mug of warm water before I do anything else.  It may sound strange, but this habit changed my life when I adopted it, and it is one of the first things I recommend to any student or client that I work with.

Here are four reasons a glass of warm water can change your life:

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How to Improve Your Self Esteem – Now!

In this post, we will talk about amazing tips from Lori Streator, about How to Improve Your Self Esteem, such an important topic.

Are you afraid to take action in your life because you are holding onto fear? Are you feeling stuck? Are you holding yourself back from who-knows-what?

When we don’t take action and pursue our dreams or goals, its more often than not because we don’t value ourselves enough to do so. We don’t think highly enough of ourselves & our abilities to take that proverbial leap.

For whatever reason, you may have fueled your life with a negative, limiting mindset.  And now your lack of self esteem is holding you hostage in your Comfort Zone.

A major challenge of improving self-esteem is having to acknowledge and focus on changing the negative behaviors that fuel negative thoughts.

how to improve self-esteem instantly

Let’s look at a real life example:

You stay home instead of going to the gym. Because home is where you feel safe. But this avoidant behavior doesn’t provide any opportunity for growth or change. Instead, it keeps you in the same mindset and lets you begin to think that avoiding your fears completely is an effective coping skill.

When you decide to make changes because you’re tired of feeling stuck inside your own mind or you realize your current mindset isn’t serving you, you can make small changes that will begin to improve your self-esteem.

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The Ultimate Guide to Natural Probiotics

This is ultimate guide to natural Probiotics is part of a sponsored shop courtesy of #NaturalProbiotic and #CollectiveBias.

When I was younger, I knew that I should take probiotics right after doing a round of antibiotics when I was sick with strep throat (that’s an illness I seemed to get yearly as a teenager). I wasn’t really sure why this was the case but I knew that things could go badly when I didn’t – not going to say what exactly happens cause that would be a bit of TMI.

Anyway, for a while there I associated probiotics with antibiotics and thought of them as a pair. You take one for a round, then you take the other. This is actually not true.

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Probiotics #NaturalProbiotic #shop #Cbias

I mentioned my recent dietary changes due to some digestive issues I was experiencing and this was the main reason why I made it my mission to prevent feeling that discomfort again. Going through the Gabriel Code body transformation program also drilled digestion a lot as well, especially in the first module.

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“You can’t eat intuitively if you eat healthy!”

I recently received a comment from a reader that stirred some thoughts in my head about intuitive eating and healthy/clean eating and whether the two are one and the same or whether they cannot exist simultaneously at all.

It was the post where I discussed some dietary changes I am adopting namely limiting dairy (except for grass-fed organic butter and goat cheese) due to lactose sensitivity as well as limiting my consumption of gluten and (beginning to, well see how that goes) grains (with the exception of sprouted and soaked) due to the scientific research that links it to the myriad of health dangers to the body and the brain (have you heard about Grain Brain?). My reasons for this are health-related, as much preventative as it is treating current discomfort. I want to function at the highest capacity for my body and I want to feel good and be healthy at all times.

I’ve talked at length about intuitive eating on this blog after I gave up dieting a year ago and began a journey into intuitive eating. This journey lead me to make many shifts and discoveries about myself especially by beginning to lean more into the mental, emotional, and spiritual health rather than focusing on the superficial things like how I look and how much I weigh.

The number does not define you!

The fact that I gained weight during the process was bothersome at times since clothes don’t fit the way they used to (aka I had to buy new ones) but I am much less worried about it as I would have been when I was in the midst of my chronic dieting mentality. The truth is – I don’t care about my weight that much. Ever since I threw out my scale I haven’t bought a new one so I only really step on one maybe once per month or two when I’m at my parents house, out of curiosity. I’ve learned to never associate judgment or contempt or happiness with the number, however. The number does not define you! (tweet this)

I am not in tears and shambles because I am at my highest weight. Who cares. And if you do, then you are most obviously not a friend I want to keep. Get your negative judgmental ass out of here. And lighten up.

Dieting and your weight/looks is not what life is all about. I’m happy to say that the journey of intuitive eating has led me to find a greater sense of peace with myself as well as realizing the things that truly are important that I used to always squash away below the surface, hiding underneath the symptom of incessant dieting and exercising regimens.

Let’s go back to intuitive eating. What is intuitive eating? I think it would help if we defined intuitive eating:

“Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body–where you ultimately become the expert of your own body.   You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom.”  (source)

Now, let me get into the core of what I’m trying to talk about in this article – well, it seems like there is a certain perception around IE (intuitive eating) that it not necessarily correct. It seems like some people think that when a person practices IE they eat whatever the heck they want, whatever comes their way at all times. It often becomes synonymous with gluttony and using it as an excuse to eat emotionally and without a care in the world – “Office is having birthday cake, bring it! Pizza for dinner during the game, do it! Chocolate at night because I’m just used to doing it and it makes me feel good.”

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