The Ultimate Guide to Natural Probiotics

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When I was younger, I knew that I should take probiotics right after doing a round of antibiotics when I was sick with strep throat (that’s an illness I seemed to get yearly as a teenager). I wasn’t really sure why this was the case but I knew that things could go badly when I didn’t – not going to say what exactly happens cause that would be a bit of TMI.

Anyway, for a while there I associated probiotics with antibiotics and thought of them as a pair. You take one for a round, then you take the other. This is actually not true.

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Probiotics #NaturalProbiotic #shop #Cbias

I mentioned my recent dietary changes due to some digestive issues I was experiencing and this was the main reason why I made it my mission to prevent feeling that discomfort again. Going through the Gabriel Code body transformation program also drilled digestion a lot as well, especially in the first module.

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“You can’t eat intuitively if you eat healthy!”

I recently received a comment from a reader that stirred some thoughts in my head about intuitive eating and healthy/clean eating and whether the two are one and the same or whether they cannot exist simultaneously at all.

It was the post where I discussed some dietary changes I am adopting namely limiting dairy (except for grass-fed organic butter and goat cheese) due to lactose sensitivity as well as limiting my consumption of gluten and (beginning to, well see how that goes) grains (with the exception of sprouted and soaked) due to the scientific research that links it to the myriad of health dangers to the body and the brain (have you heard about Grain Brain?). My reasons for this are health-related, as much preventative as it is treating current discomfort. I want to function at the highest capacity for my body and I want to feel good and be healthy at all times.

I’ve talked at length about intuitive eating on this blog after I gave up dieting a year ago and began a journey into intuitive eating. This journey lead me to make many shifts and discoveries about myself especially by beginning to lean more into the mental, emotional, and spiritual health rather than focusing on the superficial things like how I look and how much I weigh.

The number does not define you!

The fact that I gained weight during the process was bothersome at times since clothes don’t fit the way they used to (aka I had to buy new ones) but I am much less worried about it as I would have been when I was in the midst of my chronic dieting mentality. The truth is – I don’t care about my weight that much. Ever since I threw out my scale I haven’t bought a new one so I only really step on one maybe once per month or two when I’m at my parents house, out of curiosity. I’ve learned to never associate judgment or contempt or happiness with the number, however. The number does not define you! (tweet this)

I am not in tears and shambles because I am at my highest weight. Who cares. And if you do, then you are most obviously not a friend I want to keep. Get your negative judgmental ass out of here. And lighten up.

Dieting and your weight/looks is not what life is all about. I’m happy to say that the journey of intuitive eating has led me to find a greater sense of peace with myself as well as realizing the things that truly are important that I used to always squash away below the surface, hiding underneath the symptom of incessant dieting and exercising regimens.

Let’s go back to intuitive eating. What is intuitive eating? I think it would help if we defined intuitive eating:

“Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body–where you ultimately become the expert of your own body.   You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom.”  (source)

Now, let me get into the core of what I’m trying to talk about in this article – well, it seems like there is a certain perception around IE (intuitive eating) that it not necessarily correct. It seems like some people think that when a person practices IE they eat whatever the heck they want, whatever comes their way at all times. It often becomes synonymous with gluttony and using it as an excuse to eat emotionally and without a care in the world – “Office is having birthday cake, bring it! Pizza for dinner during the game, do it! Chocolate at night because I’m just used to doing it and it makes me feel good.”

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How to Prevent Getting Sick (and how to treat it with Healthcare Clinic Chicago)

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How to cut down on time and healthcare costs with Walgreens #HealthcareClinic #shop

Today we’re taking some time to talk about…. *shh* healthcare. More specifically, we are talking about ways to save on time and Healthcare costs for busy young professionals, like myself. Want to learn how to save money by NOT getting sick in the first place? Find out how to prevent getting sick and more…

First things first, I hate getting sick. It sucks. I mean, I don’t think I’m saying anything crazy nuts here, I’m pretty sure everyone hates being sick. There’s nothing fun about getting sick when you’re an adult cause there’s no sick days out of school for a young professional. You’ve gotta get your butt to work and if you can’t go in, you better get well REAL soon cause work is just gonna keep piling on you. So yeah. Getting sick sucks.

I used to get strep throat every year for the past couple of years, except the last two. I would be fine allll year until I’d get strep and I’d be sick for like a week. Then I’d be fine again for a whole week. I haven’t gotten strep in a while but now I do get colds and they tend to be intense – my last one lasted a week and a half! It was me feeling crappy but not totally bad, but it lasted very long. Meh.

So I wanted to spend today to talk about how to PREVENT getting a cold – since this is the BEST way to save on money and healthcare costs. Simple. Don’t get sick! I’m all for prevention over treatment.

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The First Step in Overcoming Sugar Addiction (My Health Coach Update #1)

The First Step to Overcoming Sugar Addiction

Sugar detox seems to be quite the buzz word as of late. Many people are admitting to having a sugar addiction and are taking steps to fighting it: most of the time it’s with a detox.

I won the 21 Day Sugar Detox book during Inspiration & Perspiration weekend and although I did not think that much abut myself as having a sugar addiction, the more I thought about it the more I became curious. Maybe sugar addiction really is a thing? (spoiler alert: no, I am not following 21DSD right now, keep reading to learn why)

Wait, do I seriously have a sugar addiction?

In my recent post with step-by-step guide to surviving a juice cleanse, I mentioned that I started working with a holistic health coach. The truth is – I have been feeling more and more at mercy of sugar. The holidays were filled with overindulgence but it seemed like the more I thought about the feelings and the cravings I felt, the more I realized that this is just NOT NORMAL.

I mentioned that my mom suspected candida, but I don’t want to go that route. Fact of the matter is – I have intense and sometimes overwhelming cravings for sugar. I know my metabolism is slow because I am frequently cold, fatigued, and just overall feel lazy. Winter weather surely does not help and it might be giving me a little bit of a case of S.A.D. Regardless of the circumstances, I knew that this is not the way I want to keep living.

I’ll admit – I was jealous of my friends and their apparent restraint when it comes to food. I mean – Who is able to bake a batch of brownies and have them last her a whole week (whereas I could devour the whole batch in a day or two). How can you eat ONE BAR of chocolate over a course of a week?! I don’t get it. HOW are you able to do that when it is right there, staring at you?! I just don’t get it.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

And that, my friends, is a problem. A problem that has ruled my life for many years, even since I was a child, and especially more so since I moved out of my parents’ house almost 5 years ago. (Flashback: I’m free! Eat all the chocolate/cake/ice-cream!)

While I hate the term ‘sugar addiction’ – I will use it for the sake of this conversation. I cringe when I hear it, write it, and think it – because it sounds so ridiculous. Being addicted to something that most people in the world view as delicious, happy, and bright is just… sad. Maybe it’s a legit addiction or maybe it isn’t. Regardless of what the proper term is – having way too much sugar and feeling like you cannot control your sugar intake IS A PROBLEM.

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