What’s your summer snack of choice?

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Oh yes. Summer is here in full swing and I love it!

Gone are the days where all you wanna do is stay inside and mope around.

Gone are the day you just want to lay around and watch TV all day.

It’s time to get outside, enjoy the weather, and live freely!

Yum #SummerGoodies #shop

One of the ways I always ensure I live freely is by indulging but doing so in a quality way. You already know what I really think about “healthy living” and whether it’s possible to eat healthy if you eat intuitively - so this should come as no surprise.

I like to snack :)

I haven’t had the craving for popsicles in forever but I used to love them. Fruit bars were my favorite frozen snack as a kid and so they still hold a dear place in my heart.

Especially the high quality ones that are made with real fruit or real fruit juice! I got these from Walmart and I seriously cannot get enough! They are not only delicious but they are great too – I love that they now have a line for fruit bars that has a veggie + fruit combo! Perfection!

Yum #SummerGoodies #shop

Yum #shop #SummerGoodiesOkay but I’m not always in the mood to cool off. Sometimes, you get legit hungry and want a snack that’s more “real food” so like a snack that’s savory rather than sweet. Doesn’t happen too often to me but hey it does sometimes!

A great snack that you can consider having are the Hot Pockets Pepperoni. Now, I’ll admit – I never really had these before. But they were good! I like that they are made with real cheese and premium meat.

Simple buzz in the microwave and your snack is ready for consumption…Hot Pockets #SummerGoodies #shop Hot Pockets #SummerGoodies #shop

I will say, make sure you don’t microwave it for TOO long – I did it for almost too long and a part of it was burnt. Who knew it would get burnt so easily! But regardless, it was yummy, filling, and a good snack!

By the way, this Walmart I went to is amazing. It’s so big!

Walmart #SummerGoodies #shop


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