10 ways to distract yourself from getting cravings due to boredom

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10 ways to distract yourself from getting cravings

I was a lucky winner of Laura’s giveaway in which I received Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet “Stripped” book, amongst other things. I started reading it and I came across a very important part – one that affects me the most and is probably the main culprit behind any weight gain I experience or plateaus I come across in my healthy living journey. While I eat healthfully and cleanly for the most part, cravings are what really get me off track and often lead me to eating too much. I often eat out of boredom. Even though in theory I have a lot going on: with school, work, photography, blogging.. a lot of this work is done in front of a computer during which time I am able to stray and think about other things. Yes, I often get bored. It leads me to thinking about food. Maybe I just don’t have enough activities to do in the day – I do get bored a lot. I really need to find things to do to distract myself when I notice myself getting bored.


Tosca says “When I am exhausted or bored I find myself reaching for food. Most people I have talked to verify that this happens to them too. Some of us like crunchy things and others want creamy things. This is definitely the time to recognize you are either tired of bored or both and get yourself busy or to bed, and fast. Otherwise, mayhem will break out in your kitchen and you won’t be able to stop yourself from the munchie attack about to unfold.” (pg. 50)

Amen, Tosca, amen. I must take control over my boredom eating. Boredom and tiredness cravings lead to eating and that leads to weight gain which is something I absolutely want to avoid. I also don’t want to sit there bored and stressing over food, wishing I could eat and struggling with myself – having an internal battle whether I should eat or not. I will obsess about food when I’m bored or tired and that’s equally as unhealthy as actually eating it. The thing to do here is: prevent the cravings from arising! Do not get bored. Easier said than done…


The thing I am going to focus on in this post is Tosca’s second point of conquering cravings. To conquer boredom/tired cravings, you must distract yourself from said cravings. Don’t let the cravings arise – don’t get bored! So here are some things I can do to distract yourself from thinking about food or getting cravings which may arise from being bored:

  1. Do something productive – finish a homework assignment, write a new blog post, get some work done and actually focus on it. Don’t get distracted. Get it done!
  2. Go for a walk – activity tends to diminish cravings – I don’t usually get any cravings when I’m staying active and going for a walk may be a great way to prevent these cravings from arising.
  3. Exercise – go for a job or do a fitness class – the intensity will be sure to smash any thought of food; and being at the gym will surely lead any thoughts away from food as I look at desirable bodies of beautifully sculpted females in the gym. I want that body, dammit! 🙂
  4. Turn up the music and dance – I find that listening to music quietly simply doesn’t get me as pumped up as turning it up a notch. Feel the music, get up, dance around the room – get some activity in and enjoy yourself. Activity (as stated earlier) is bound to get the blood pumping and thoughts of food should diminish.
  5. Research a new recipe to try out and make it – I personally tend to not eat things I bake until the next day (usually because I make them at night and I want to take pictures of the outcome… daylight is much better for that). I like the act of actually baking something new, as long as I promise to myself not to eat it during/after the act – I usually stick to it. It may be a dangerous one for some people though, it depends on your own self control, I guess. Some days are easier to control than others.
  6. Read a book – actually read it and put all of your attention into it so that my mind doesn’t stray to thoughts of food.
  7. Watch a new movie – it has to be new because if it’s a movie I’ve already seen, I tend to get distracted… I can only pay full attention to movies I haven’t seen.
  8. Go shopping – if it’s daytime, go window shopping, try some clothes on. I use this one a lot when I’m bored. Not only does it add extra walking activity into my day, it also gets my mind busy by shopping around – I just have to be careful not to spend too much money (or any money, if I’m broke).
  9. Do a photoshoot – well, this one is usually more difficult to do when unplanned but sometimes it helps. If any friends are bored and willing to meet up right then and there, we can do a shoot.. or just go outside and take some photos of the city. Get those creative juices flowing.
  10. Go to sleep

I’m not even going to mention the obvious here – obviously drink water or make some tea to make sure your cravings aren’t actually thirst. I am very good about drinking water though and I know when those cravings hit that they aren’t actually thirst signals. Obviously, these are the things that are specifically made for myself – your own boredom crusher points may be totally different. Now, I’d love to hear your feedback and your own experiences about boredom cravings:

Kammie wants to know:

  • What are your own tips for beating cravings?

  • Do you ever turn to food when you’re bored?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. great post! I love Tosca! She’s so motivational and such an inspiration! My cravings often come from boredom and it’s definitely something I am always working on! I try to avoid them by staying busy and finding things to distract myself with!

  2. When we are all so busy you would think it would be difficult to be bored! But I know it happens… food is not entertainment! Good tips, thanks.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. If I throw myself into one of my hobbies I quickly forget about hunger. Problem is, I’ll get ‘into’ it and then the next thing you know, I’ve skipped dinner. Haha.

  5. Interestingly enough, I tend to snack when I’m sleep-deprived so #10 seems like a great solution! I recently read an article that connected increased hunger with sleep deprivation so catching those ZZZs is important! All of your other tips are great! Another suggestion would be to drink water or tea. I found that sometimes I’m just thirsty and not actually in a snacky mood.

  6. I snack at night, when I’m bored. I find if I go to the gym at night to do cardio, that’s the best appetite supressant. When I get home, shower, get ready for bed etc, and don’t even think about snacking

  7. My tip… and while this may sound a little gruesome, works quite well… Just think about how lucky you have it. You have all of your limbs (well most likely)… so you might as well use them. There will be a point in your life where you won’t even be able to get up because you will be in pain, too tired, etc… So you might as well get up now and exercise until you cannot any longer. The best part is exercise will prolong your pain and need to stay seated, SO GET UP AND GET MOVING NOW!! 🙂

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  9. What I always do when I get bored is walking and talking about politics, romance and business with my friend. These two have been working for me since I have been using them. i don’t always eat at all and if I am craving for food I always go for fruits especially apple or banana.

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