Sensual Joy – Day #5

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Today we are focusing on gratitude.

Gratitude is something that has been proven by countless happiness researchers as being one of the main contributors to a happy life. There is no doubt that it is one of the main factors in Sensual Joy.

So let’s make a conscious decision to choose gratitude.

You’ve already written down things you appreciate about life and you’ve already written down things you like to do that make you happier.

Now, I want you to either:

  • say out loud, OR
  • write down

that you are thankful for having these things in your life. No matter how often you get to do them. Say your thanks to the universe/God that such things exist.

A great way to make gratitude a consistent practice is to buy a notebook and write in it every night before bed. Let’s call it your Gratitude Journal. Every night before bed, write down 5 things you are grateful for in your day. Even if you had a shitty day, there is always something to be thankful for.

Feeling stuck?

Here are some examples of things to be thankful for on a seemingly crappy day:

  • I am thankful for being able to drink this cold refreshing water whenever I desire to quench my thirst. This is something that some people do not get to have and I am grateful for having the ability and access to this life source.
  • I am thankful for having parents that support me and my plans and goals, no matter how often they might change.
  • I am thankful for having the luxury of a personal heater so I am able to stay comfortable and warm when I would otherwise be cold during these chilly nights.

You don’t even have to get super creative with it. It’s okay if your notes are repetitive sometimes. The thing that matters is that you truly ARE grateful and you put some thought and energy into what you are writing or saying about the gratitude. That’s what matters.

Again, this is one of the MAIN contributors of sensual joy so try to make this into a regular practice. Do this nightly.

I’ll see you tomorrow!


Today’s Instagram Challenge Of The Day is….

Show us one thing that you are thankful for today. Make sure to tag it with #SensualJoy and @sensappeal so I can see it. You can also simply Tweet it. Let’s spread the journey to happiness around – it’s the best way to show our commitment and hopefully inspire others to do the same as well 🙂