20 Healthy Halloween Snacks – Everything from Spooky to Kooky

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Halloween is coming and while it’s all about just one night, you have to be prepared nonetheless. Aside from store bought treats, we would like to be more creative and prepare something fun for the occasion. We are used to decorate our homes for the festivity, so why not do the same with snacks.

You will find lots of Halloween recipes online so we’d like to be more specific and give you something original. We’ve selected some of the best healthy snacks that live up to the spirit. Check them out and choose something for your own party – there’s everything from spooky to kooky. Enjoy!

Halloween Yogurt Bark

Get the recipe Halloween Yogurt Bark @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.forkandbeans.com

Get the recipe for Halloween yogurt bark at www.forkandbeans.com

Halloween Sweet Potato Fries

Get the recipe Halloween Sweet Potato Fries @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.tablespoon.com

Get the recipe for Halloween sweet potato fries at www.tablespoon.com

Eyeball Pasta

Get the recipe Eyeball Pasta @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.spendwithpennies.com

Get the recipe for eyeball pasta at www.spendwithpennies.com

Apple Mummies

Get the recipe Apple Mummies @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.twohealthykitchens.com

Get the recipe for apple mummies at www.twohealthykitchens.com

Frankenstein Crispes

Get the recipe Frankenstein Crispes @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.allergyawesomeness.com

Get the recipe for Frankenstein crispes at  www.allergyawesomeness.com

Devilish Avocado Deviled Eggs

Get the recipe Devilish Avocado Deviled Eggs @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.cookincanuck.com

Get the recipe for devilish avocado deviled eggs at www.cookincanuck.com

Stuffed Peppers

Get the recipe Stuffed Peppers @recipes_to_go
Recipe: onelittleproject.com

Get the recipe for stuffed peppers at onelittleproject.com

Halloween Roasted Veggies

Get the recipe Halloween Roasted Veggies @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.liveeatlearn.com

Get the recipe for Halloween roasted veggies at www.liveeatlearn.com

Apple Peanut Butter Teeth

Get the recipe Apple Peanut Butter Teeth @recipes_to_go
Recipe: blommi.com

Get the recipe for apple peanut butter teeth at blommi.com

Strawberry Ghosts

Get the recipe Strawberry Ghosts @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.yummyhealthyeasy.com

Get the recipe for strawberry ghosts at  www.yummyhealthyeasy.com

Bloody Cups

Get the recipe Bloody Cups @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.elephantasticvegan.com

Get the recipe for bloody cups at www.elephantasticvegan.com

Tortilla Bats with Salsa Dip

Get the recipe Tortilla Bats with Salsa Dip @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.homemadebyyou.co.uk

Get the recipe for tortilla bats with salsa dip at www.homemadebyyou.co.uk

Chicken Boo-Dle Soup

Get the recipe Chicken Boo-Dle Soup @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.morganmanagesmommyhood.com

Get the recipe for chicken boo-dle soup at www.morganmanagesmommyhood.com

Halloween Fruit Cups

Get the recipe Halloween Fruit Cups @recipes_to_go
Recipe: eatingrichly.com

Get the recipe for Halloween fruit cups at eatingrichly.com

Spooky Skull Pot Pies

Get the recipe Spooky Skull Pot Pies @recipes_to_go
Recipe: healthyslowcooking.com

Get the recipe for spooky skull pot pie at healthyslowcooking.com

Vegan Pastry Voodoo Dolls

Get the recipe Vegan Pastry Voodoo Dolls @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.loveisinmytummy.com

Get the recipe for vegan pastry voodoo dolls at  www.loveisinmytummy.com

Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths

Get the recipe Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.texanerin.com

Get the recipe for healthy Halloween monster mouths at  www.texanerin.com

Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween

Get the recipe Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween @recipes_to_go
Recipe: simply-delicious-food.com

Get the recipe for poison toffee apples for Halloween at simply-delicious-food.com

Monster Teeth

Get the recipe Monster Teeth @recipes_to_go
Recipe: www.aspicyperspective.com

Get the recipe for monster teeth at www.aspicyperspective.com

Zombie Pretzels

Get the recipe Zombie Pretzels @recipes_to_go
Recipe: thedecoratedcookie.com

Get the recipe for zombie pretzels at thedecoratedcookie.com

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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