22 Days Nutrition Bars & Food Should Taste Good chips {review}

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First of all, thank you for your entries for the Carb Rite protein bars giveaway. I have selected the winner. Head on over to the original post to see if you’ve won! Now onto some new goodies…

22 Days Nutrition is an interesting name for a nutrition bar company. Anyway, here are other bars I tried recently. I’ve been actively trying vegan nutrition bars to add to my preference collection. I like knowing what I like and which bars are worth a buy. I haven’t seen these around in any stores but they are available online. These bars are vegan and gluten free.

Their thing is “22 days” because they focus on the fact that it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit. In this case, the company focuses on adopting a healthier lifestyle as the habit. These bars are formulated using raw and organic superfoods, including hemp and rice protein. They say that “when you eat well, you live well, and the benefits go beyond the individual and can actually positively affect our environment.” This actually is a really wonderful statement and I really like how it emphasizes the bigger good in this case – the environment, not just our body and health. It’s cool that they care about the bigger picture.

22 Days┬ánutrition products are lightly sweetened with organic ingredients, and do not contain hfcs, gluten, or soy. Also, they are free of trans fats, cholesterol, and are low in sodium. They offer six flavors: cherry chocolate bliss, enlightened pumpkinseed, goji mate firecracker, fruit nut karma, daily mocha mantra, and nut butter buddha. I haven’t tried every flavor yet but the ones I tried, I liked. These bars aren’t huge but boy do they fill you up! They are heavy. You really feel your body getting nourished when you snack on them. Is that a weird thing? I guess not, but it might be because of how heavy they are. Each bar is around 230 calories and around 11g fat, depending on the bar, each one is very different so these are averages. They are also around 9g protein. They are all natural, vegan, organic, and contain less than 14g sugar. Pretty cool. The fat content is what I think makes them so filling and satisfying. It’s actually really weird how satisfied I felt after eating one. I don’t usually feel that way so quickly. That’s cool. The flavors are intense and yummy, and slightly sweet but just sweet enough for me. My favorite is the mocha mantra because of how intensely mocha coffee flavored it is. The flavor is intense. Pretty awesome for such a nutritious bar to have such a true prevalent flavor.


Another snack I tried recently are the Food Should Taste Good chips. I’ve seen those around a lot, even in my school cafeteria so it’s pretty cool to take a closer look at these chips. I picked the strangest flavors to try out simply because I wanted to make an adventure out of it! Haha, I mean I have never had chocolate flavored chips, have you? I could imagine how the others might taste but I still wanted to try it out. I was feeling adventurous. Gotta live a little! Yes.

So I took a bite of the chocolate chip… and shock hit me. They are SO much better than I expected them to be. I was a little wary but I went for it and I ended up chowing down on the whole bag. Oops! But seriously, these were SO amazingly delicious – it’s a subtle chocolatey flavor with the perfect salty kick which give these chips a wonderful blend and complexity of flavors. I love that they are all natural and made from wholesome ingredients, it made me feel slightly less guilty for eating the whole bag. I did just inhale over 700 calories in a sitting, but oh well – seriously, too good. Gotta live a little, whatever. I’m a total sucker for eating flavors which are opposite and contrasting such as this one – sweet and salty. Nom nom nomz.

I haven’t tried the other flavors yet but I’m sure they are great as well. I think if they nailed the chocolate flavor, then the rest must have been a breeeze to nail as well.

On the bag is a summary of all the good things about the contents as well as some suggested uses for the chips.

Disclaimer: I received the products free of charge from the company, I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. I love those chips. I haven’t yet tried chocolate, but all the others I’ve had have been wonderful.

  2. Food should taste good chips are amazing! I love the sweet potato kind! They are so good but slightly addictive!

    • Oh man, right? Next time I have to make sure to put aside a certain amount and put the bag AWAY from me! haha way too yummy! I’m gonna try the Sweet Potato kind next.

  3. MMM chocolate chips???? WOW! looking good lady! been checking out a lot of your other recipes, too.. love the microwave cakes ­čÖé

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