3 Routes to Consider Taking When in Aconcagua

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Mountain trails are a great way to spend your holiday or your leisure time. It can bring the best out of you, both mentally and physically.

Going up the mountain means that you will be putting your body to extreme workout. Therefore, there are things that you would like to consider during a mountain expedition like that of Aconcagua.

Aconcagua is one of the longest mountain trails in the world.

People spend days climbing the mountain. The Aconcagua trail features three routes, which we will explore in this article. 

All of them differ in the challenges that it presents all climbers. Therefore, no one should underestimate any route.

1. The normal route

History states that Matthias Zurbriggen was the first climber to use this route. That is back in 1897. Experts say that it would take around 18 days to get to the top.

The landscape is famous among many climbers. Most people use the route compared to the others.

However, you should not underestimate the toughness that comes with this terrain. The freezing temperatures and the excess winds you will experience if you go there in summer goes up to -20 degrees, for the temperatures, and 50mph for the winds.

There are four camps on this route with Plaza De Mulas being the base camp. 

2. Polish Traverse and Glacier Route

After the Normal route, this is the second popular route. It begins from the Eastern side of the mountain, and then the climber finds his or her to join with the Normal Route.

Nevertheless, the route is quite long when you compare it to the Normal route. Most climbers take about 20 days to get to the top. The route is easy for most climbers; however, bad weather can make it difficult to get to the top.

Below is a short preview of what awaits you in the Polish Traverse Route:

Climbers should not fear because you do not require technical skills, like climbing with ropes. It is rocky terrain, but there is a high possibility that you will come across the snow. Some
areas require you to have crampons to assist in climbing up the mountain.

Note that you will also have to cross several rivers; nonetheless, the route is lovely.

3. Polish Glacier Direct Route

The route is a direct route to the summit. However, it requires you to have some knowledge about mountain climbing.

Climbers who pick this route should carry ropes, ice axes, and crampons to help them get

through the snow trails, as snow is evident in this route more than the others are. Expect to take about 20 days, and 18 if you are fast enough.

Because it is the toughest of all the Aconcagua routes, only experienced climbers should use the route. Note that, there are also great scenery including the small glacier that emanates from the nature trail located at the base camp.


Remember that no route is easy to climb. All of them present a unique set of challenges. Note that experience counts especially when you are picking routes like the Direct Route.

Additionally, with the easiest route, you will likely encounter help from patrol officers who take on that route. Therefore, it presents the safest way to get to the top.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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