3 Tips to Removing Mold from Your Home

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The most common problem that most homeowners face is mold removal as it occurs more often than most homeowner would prefer and it can be quite costly to remove. Mold is usually a health hazard and it can be very dangerous.

Mold can cause very serious illnesses and major health problem when not removed as soon as possible that what makes checking a removing of mold something which homeowner needs to take very seriously.

The other reason as to why mold removal is something which should be taken with the utmost seriousness is because it can ruin your home.

Here are the tips which you need to have in hand when you are looking to remove mold from your home.

1. Protect Yourself

In most cases, mold removal requires professionals who have the right tools and skills to remove it.

However, when you want to do it on your own you need to take the necessary precautions. This is because as mentioned above mold can make you sick if you are now well protected.

To protect yourself you will need a respirator or a breathing mask. This is because directly breathing mold can affect your respiratory system.  You also need to cover your body, where you do not have direct contact with the mold.

This means you will need goggles, gloves and protective shoes. Mold should not come in direct contact with your body.

2. Cleaning Solutions

The second step is to choose the right cleaning solutions for the job. There are many readily available cleaning solutions available in the market.

The common cleaning solution includes bleach which can be mixed in a ratio with water and it can help eliminate mold. Vinegar can also be used as a cleaning solution and since it’s not as effective as bleach it should not be diluted.

Borax may also be used but it should be handled with a lot of care it is poisonous. Other cleaning solutions which are also very effective in removing mold include Ammonia and baking soda.  

It is important to note that these cleaning solutions are only effective for small areas.

You might also want to include cleaning your carpet as it can store moisture and grow molds.

3. Eliminate Moisture

Mold thrives is damn areas which have moisture and thus one way that you can remove mold is by eliminating moisture. As a homeowner, it’s important to control the moisture level, especially in the kitchen, basement, and bathroom.

Making sure that these areas are well dried is one of the ways of making sure that mold will not have room to form. To eliminate moisture in the areas prone to mold one can use air conditioning or humidifier which are quite effective.

Below is a short video about stopping condensation and mold: 

It is also important to understand the humidity level indoor. The recommended humidity level of the interior should be between 30-40 percent, levels high than these create conducive environment for mold to grow.

Another way to eliminate moisture is to check and make sure there are no leaking pipes or any porous material which may be facilitating the growth of mold.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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