3 ways to kickstart your exercise routine

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

It’s winter and it’s cold. This means a lot of us might be hibernating and aren’t worried about staying active since 1) it’s cold outside, and 2) summer is ways away.

But the reality is – you need to stay active and exercise on a consistent basis if you want to stay in shape or GET in shape for the summer. The fact is – summer bodies are made in the winter. And besides, having exercise as a constant habit you own makes you feel better every single day.

I know about this firsthand. I definitely abandoned exercise last year and went on phases where I did well and then fell off for several months. It sucks becuase I used to love exercise and did it very consistently… until December.

I got back into exercise in December and I’ve been going strong since then and I love it. I love being back at it, and I know I have ways to go to get in shape the way I once was but I’m confident it’s going well ­čÖé

I had to crumple a lot of limiting beliefs and the negative trolls that walked around my brain to keep me lazy and comfortable, but I shut them up and just kept going. So in this post, I want to outline 5 things you can do to get BACK to the exercise routine that will make it easy for you to STICK to.

5 simple ways to kickstart your workout routine

1. Start with a plan

I’m a planner. I can’t help it. I need to follow a plan in order to feel motivated and know that what I’m doing is driving towards a bigger goal. That’s why I love workout plans. If you’re like me, getting the right workout plan might be just the thing you need to get on a plan that you’ll enjoy being on.


2. Handle lady situations

A lot of the times, we want to skip over our workout as ladies if we are on “the dot.” You don’t have to skip out on the gym, just come prepared. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You can stay cool, calm, and collected during your physical activity with the right gear ­čśë For example Stayfree┬« ultra-thins.


I don’t know about you but it’s a big deal to be able to stay comfortable during working out and not have to worry about that time of the month. This is what Stayfree can help you achieve.

3. Get active at home

For days where it’s frigid or you just don’t feel like leaving your house, OR you do but you have soo much to do.. you can work out at home! I tend to not workout at home because I have neighbors below me and I don’t wanna stop all day and make them mad. But what I DO do at home is yoga – it’s the perfect blend of exercise and calmness without any of the annoying stomping included.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 9.47.01 AM

The cool thing is you can do yoga at any time – for any length, any purpose, and any mood. It’s great. There are so many different types of yoga too…

If you’re wondering how to get on the yoga train at home because you’re overwhelmed with what’s all online and where to even find the right videos, you’re in luck. Because with every Stayfree purchase, you can get a free month of┬áMyYogaOnline.com which is a yoga website with the best yoga videos for your pleasure.

I tried MyYogaonline before when I guest posted for them once and they gifted me their one month membership. I LOVED it. It’s totally a great thing to check out, if not for just the free month then for good ­čśë

Stay calm, cool, and connected with Stayfree®. For a limited time, received a free 30 day online subscription to My Yoga on Gaiam TV with any Stayfree purchase! Keep your receipt and visit Stayfree.com/myyoga for program details.

How do you stay calm cool and connected?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Stayfree®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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