3 ways to turn your desk into a yoga prop (with video!)

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As soon as the clock struck 11:50 every Monday or Wednesday afternoon, I shoved my leggings into my purse, left the office, and headed across the street to practice yoga. It was a totally new world, but I decided to try it out as an act of desperation. At 22, I felt like I had the body of a 90-year-old. And not one of the badass grandmothers in the mall walking around with dumbbells.

I loved my job, but experienced poor circulation, lack of mobility in my shoulders and hips, and fatigue. Yoga did what that extra cup of coffee couldn’t. I immediately saw the benefits it had on my job performance, health and outlook. I was hooked, and yoga became an integral part of my life and health.

Every busy young professional knows that sitting for hours at a desk can cause a host of issues. It’s important to get out of the desk hunch, move the hips, lubricate the joints and, most importantly, BREATH throughout the day. In addition to walking more, eating a great lunch or taking a mid-day class, here are several ways to use your desk for a posture pick-me-up.

Upper body stretch:

This stretch is fantastic for stretching the pecs, forearms and wrists while strengthening the muscles of the upper back. Only take this posture as far as it’s comfortable for the wrists. Hold for 3 breaths, repeat 2-4 times.


Desk Twist:

Twisting is wonderful for overall spin health and for restoring/improving mobility, and you can do this one right at your desk. Be sure to stand tall before twisting. Use each inhale to find space and length in the spine, and use the exhale to deepen the twist. Only go as far as your body wants–don’t force anything. Hold each side for 3-5 breaths.


Desk Pigeon:

Try this version of pigeon pose to open up the outer hips! Take it one really slow and only go into the pose if your hips feel ready. Make sure the foot is flexed, the shin is parallel with the edge of your desk and the torso is between the knee and heel. Hold for 10 deep breaths.


For more tips on improving posture and focus at the office, search #DeskBodyRX on Instagram or visit YogaWithTess.com

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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