4 Steps to Installing Pond Fountains

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Pond foundations are not just for aesthetic purposes. They also serve a very practical purpose, mainly keeping sludge from building up in a pond.  

They also help remove harmful organisms from the pond and keep the nutritional levels in the pond balanced. This ensures that the pond stays fresh, and won’t develop a foul smell.

With such benefits, it makes sense to install pond foundations on any sizeable pond. In case you are looking to install a pond foundation, but have no idea how to go about it.

Here are 4 steps to installing pond foundations:

1. Start by installing the float

The first step to installing a pond foundation is to install the float. A float has a hole in it, meant to hold the foundation in place. Installing the float is quite easy, and is done using ropes.

All you have to do is find the best position for the foundation, then attach it to ropes that are tied to an anchor at the edge of the pool.  One side of the float will have two ropes, one being the anchor rope, and the power chord.

You can get a good quality float and ropes from livingwateraeration.com. They supply good ones, and at affordable prices.

2. Insert the foundation into the float

Once you have the float installed, go ahead and insert the foundation in the float’s hole. To do this, make sure that the motor-end starts first, and have it in perfect alignment with the float’s brackets.

The idea is to ensure that the foundation once powered, will stay in place, and won’t need regular adjustments just to keep it in place. The installation process is not cheap, so it’s best to get it right from the get-go.

3. Attach the power cable to the foundation

Once the foundation is firmly attached to the float, attach the power cable. Ensure that the power cable is connected properly to the foundation, and to an external power source.

You should also ensure that the power cable runs on the pond's floor. This is to ensure that the power cable is never interfered with, at any one time. A loosely hanging power cable can be dangerous because, if it snaps the water would be charged, and could electrocute someone by accident. 

Due to these high stakes, this is probably the most important step to installing a pond foundation.

4. Switch on the power

Once you have correctly connected the power cable to the foundation, switch on the power.  This process should be in accordance with the manufacturers’ manual.

Most manufacturers recommend that the warranty document is filled and mailed to them immediately the foundation is switched on.  Our top and priority goal is to ensure that the warranty period is adhered to properly.

For instance, if the warranty period is 3 years, it is easy to calculate it from the time it is switched on for the first time. This makes any maintenance in the warranty period easy for both the manufacturer and the buyer.

Here's a short video guide about how to install a floating lake fountain:  

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Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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