4 Tips for Staying Healthier During a Night on The Town

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Who’s excited for warmer weather? I sure am!

With nicer weather right around the corner, it’s finally time for more fun nights out on the town. Winter is totally a time where I hibernate. There’s a lot of sleep and working going on in this girl’s life and not very much social life. Although I tried to do something at least a few times per month with my friends.

I’m excited to get out and finally experience more of what Chicago has to offer. I mean. I know what Chicago has to offer quite well. I’ve worked in nightlife industry for what, 4 years? But it’s different when you work and when you get to go out with your girlfriends. I love the fun times!

I wanted to talk about some ways in which you can be a wee bit healthier while going out on the town!

1. Pregame

We like to pre game before we go out. Why? Because drinks are super expensive that’s why! Especially in Chicago. I’ve got enough expenses as it is, don’t need any more to add to the list. So we like to hang out for an hour or two beforehand and drink a little bit and talk and just enjoy each others’ company before we go out.

My drink of choice? Whiskey and Ginger. Always. Well, at least always when I go out. I do love my wine and beer too but those are for more chill nights in or during dinner.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

I usually use the regular stuff because I like the flavor more and just to warn you – I don’t drink soda. Like ever. The only time I ever drink soda is when I drink cocktails. So there, now you know. But when I do drink cocktails, I don’t even care – I’ll drink it and I just want it to taste good!

I recently got to try a different variety of the TEN products from Dr. Pepper Snapple Group that I got at Walmart. The flavors they have for this are Ten 7Up, Ten Sunkist, Ten A&W, and Ten Canada Dry. You probably already know what I picked. I was pleasantly surprised that this drink has the FULL FLAVOR you might want from regular mixer but has way less calories. So you’re not sacrificing taste for health. I dig it. (Psst… You can like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter. )

Photography by Kamila Gornia

2. Dance it off

When you’re out – move your body! Seriously. Not only is dancing fun, it’s great great exercise! It’s like a fun sweat session except it won’t feel like you’re working out 🙂 I need to dance more when I go out. I know this. Okay. Point taken.

3. Drink water between drinks

I personally don’t drink a lot. I like to pre game a little bit and then get one or two drinks at the bar, depending on how long we stay. I get hungover pretty quickly so I make sure not to drink too much. A big thing is to drink water in between each drink! Not only is this healthier for you and it saves you empty calories, it will be kinder to your body that day after. Seriously. Do it.

4. Don’t go for that 2am taco

Just don’t do it. Drunk eating… sure, it’s pretty darn spectacular. But then you wake up and you’re all confused and you only feel guilty for eating it when you know you weren’t even hungry. Don’t do it. Just go home. At that point, it’s time.

And maybe drink some more Ginger Ale by itself to calm that tummy 🙂 I forgot how good this is by itself… oops!

Photography by Kamila Gornia


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One last photo… cause I really like the look of these bubbles.

Photography by Kamila Gornia

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. Great tips! I also like pre-gaming before going out because it can get so expensive! The 2AM taco (for me it’s usually pizza) is the hardest part for me! I always end up being so hungry…and cave in =(

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  3. Thanks for the tips! A little off topic but I just saw that you lived in Chicago and thought you might like to hear about a free workout group starting there! November Project (huge in Boston and now 15 cities across the country) is pledging a chapter in Chicago and they meet every Wednesday 6:30am at the Field Museum. Who doesn’t love a good free workout right?

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