4 Tips to Being Safe When Kayaking with Kids

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Kayaking is a very interesting activity that your kids will love. However, it can also be a dangerous experience for your kids if you do not plan ahead and take safety measures where necessary. 

One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your kids and yourself when you are on a kayaking trip is to ensure that you have planned ahead and that you have prepared yourself and the kids psychologically.

It would be good for the kids to be enlightened on the risks that are that can befall them during the kayaking trip. Therefore, when you are thinking of taking your kids away kayaking, there are a number of safety tips that you must keep in mind.

Here are 4 tips to being safe when kayaking with kids:

1. Where to go kayaking

When you decide to go kayaking with your kids who have never experienced it before, it is important that you choose calm and windless water that have no currents.

In this regard, you have to choose a place that is calm and has no obstacles at all. You can choose a small lake; a bay or a river that has a number of shorelines that can be reached with ease.

You should ensure that you do your kayaking activity on the calm waters so as to build the confidence of your kids. This way, you can teach your kids the right way to paddle and be safe throughout the kayaking duration.

2. Safety drill can help a lot

Before you leave for the kayaking trip, it is advisable that you practice safety tips and drills to enlighten your kids on what needs to be done in case of an emergency. What are some of the safety rules that you need to adhere to?

Here's a short video about Kayak cold water safety drill:

Teach the kids about the safety devices that they can use in the event that an emergency arises. Personal floatation devices have to be worn by all the kids so that they can keep safe.

Teach the kids how to hold a paddle and let them know that they should not jump off the kayak. They should rather know all the dos and don’ts when on a kayaking trip.

3. Taking care of the kids while on the water

What are some of the things you can do with the kids while on the water? What are the right activities that you can engage in to ensure the safety of everyone?

Well, you should ensure that you are slow with the paddle. At least row at a third of your normal speed and make sure that you are within a voice range with the kids.

If the waters are rough, then be sure that the boats are closer. However, this is not to say that you should crowd them.

Guide the kids on how to row and on techniques such as drawing into eddies, bracing against waves and navigating the currents.

4. Choose the right PFD

You and your children should wear the right kind of personal floatation devices (PFD) for your safety needs. It does not matter if you all know how to swim.

Rather, personal floatation devices are must-have safety tools that should be worn at all times while one is on the water kayaking.

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