4 Tips to Giving A Great Massage To Your Couple

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With everything we go through on a daily basis, it is no wonder we always crave for some relaxation moment to just cool off and relieve ourselves of the day’s physical tensions and calm the mind and soul.

Massaging helps to resolve this need perfectly. Conducting good massage sessions for your clients will leave you with satisfied clients and will ensure that they also get to refer other people to your massage parlor.

Massaging helps to unlock the rigid aspects of your clients’ minds and souls.

The following tips will aid you to give your couple clients good massage sessions.

1. Massage All Body Areas

A complete massage entails massaging all parts of the body. Do not just concentrate on the back area or behind the neck.

For a holistic experience, massage the legs, the hands, the shoulders, the heels, the tummy, ears, lower back and the temple region of the head among others. This will ensure that the couples get value for their money and have a good time. Start with one area at a time as you progress.

Take your time and don’t be in a hurry to finish. Allow your fingers to be free and move up and about the clients’ body albeit respectfully.

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2. Create Massage Conducive Atmosphere

Massaging is not all about touching and working on the physical. It is also about unlocking the inner relaxation of the mind and the soul.

To give your couple a nice massage session set your massaging parlor to have a soothing and conducive ambiance.

Clean and tidy the place to help trigger the feel-good feeling of the couples.

 Pay close attention to the lighting of the massaging parlor. Avoid too bright or too dim lighting. Just strike the perfect balance. If you do not want to use the overhead light, you can get to play around with candles.

Additionally, you can get to play some nice soothing music as you burn incense. The essential thing is to help give your couple clients an intimate setting.

3. Invest in Therapeutic Massage Oils

Dry massage is good, but not as good as using massaging oils. Imagine massaging your couple on dry hands. You probably will end up bruising the skin due to friction. Using massaging oil will help your hands to glide over their skin smoothly.

Almond, olive oil, grape seed, and sunflower oil form good massaging oil that you could try on your couple clients.

Additionally, you will also want to use massaging oils that do not cause any skin irritation. Check with the couple to see if they have any allergies with any of the oils.

The oils should also have a calming fragrance. Lavender, chamomile or sandalwood oils can be added to the normal massaging oils to boost the overall scent.

Massaging oils with healing properties such as eucalyptus oil will help soothe and relieve muscle pains and relax stiff muscles.

Ensure to invest in a variety of massaging oils.

4. Different Techniques

Massaging is not just about rubbing, but how you rub to achieve the maximum possible effect. Try using the palm of your hands to achieve gentle strokes at first before changing to another technique.

You can also use your fingertips, especially when massaging the temple, the ears and the palm of the hands. When handling the couples' back try applying pressure using your forearm.

Below is a short video about different back massages techniques you can check out:

In terms of positions, you can either choose to stand or kneel depending on the couple's lying position.

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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