4 Travel Tips for Ensuring Your Trip Goes Smoothly

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I’m kinda sad.

I was going to make this post about how I’m preparing for my first travel of the year (to San Diego for a social media conference) but it turns out I’m not actually going to this one cause my agency can’t pay for it in full after all so boo. It sucks because I really wanted to go back to San Diego and spend some days there after my last visit there was way way too short.

So for this post, I WAS originally gonna tell you how I prepare when I travel so everything goes over smoothly… but you know what, screw it – I’m still gonna post about this even if I’m not traveling this month!

4 Travel Tips for Ensuring Your Trip Goes Smoothly

I do plan on going to more places this year and really taking advantage of the flexibility my job provides (having the option of occasionally working from home) and the flexibility of my own businesses (coaching and this blog) AS WELL AS the fact that I’m single and have no one and nothing holding me down. So yeah, definitely taking advantage of all of this as much as I can.

4 Travel Tips for Ensuring Your Trip Goes Smoothly

So without further ado, here’s the meat and bones of this post:

4 Travel Tips for Ensuring your Trip Goes Smoothly

–> Clothes: Pack light, wear heavy.

This, of course, depends on the weather but every time I go on a trip via airplane I try to wear the most thick and big clothing and put the smaller and lighter clothes in the suitcase. I try to opt for just a carry-on each time so I can avoid the extra charge and extra time (besides, I’m always so anxious about something happening to my luggage if I leave it someplace! What if it doesn’t arrive or someone steals it! I see it in movies all the time okay, it can happen). So in order for all the clothes to fit in a smaller suitcase, I wear the sweatshirts and bigger shoes for the plane ride, while I pack the short and dresses and sandals in the suitcase. It just makes sense to me.

–> Essentials: Don’t forget these things:

There hasn’t been a time where I forgot some essentials to bring with me on the trip and had to end up buying them at my destination. It’s not always a big deal but I just prefer to be prepared and have everything ready, plus why spend extra money during your trip that you didn’t have to. Best to avoid being uncomfortable and just be prepared, right? Some things you should bring with you on your trip so you don’t have to buy them when you arrive:

      • Hair products – especially those that you cannot buy in a travel pack but are available in smaller sizes; for example my Moroccan Oil is a small bottle but it is pretty expensive so I wouldn’t want to buy another one when one bottle lasts me a long time, why spend extra money? (I made that mistake when I went to NYC last year)
      • Makeup – My foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadows, etc – I have what I have and I know the shades that work for me, I don’t want to go spending a ton of money again and going through the trouble of figuring out my shades again if I don’t remember them. Don’t forget these but only bring the ones that are the most versatile so you don’t end up wasting too much room with makeup in your suitcase either. Also, don’t forget your makeup remover and face moisturizer! I like to transfer mine to a smaller container so they don’t take up a lot of room.
      • Hair brush and straightener/curler– I made the mistake of forgetting my hair comb when I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. It’s my own city and I forgot and I had to spend extra money to get a new one. It’s just annoying. Also, if you style your hair when you go out – don’t forget your tool of choice. But bring only one, not both. Save the valuable space. I prefer my straightener because I am able to use it to both straighten AND curl my hair.
      • Phone/Tablet/Laptop charger – being that I do all of my work online, I need to have access to a computer so I always bring my laptop with me. Wouldn’t it suck if you brought your laptop but forgot the charger? Good luck finding a charger to buy somewhere in a new city. I lost my Android charger once when I was in New York and it took me FOREVER to find a Verizon store. All that time, I could be spending on much better things instead… like, I don’t know, exploring for FUN not out of necessity.

–> Comfortable flight: Bring these things in your purse:

Don’t make the mistake of packing all of your best stuff in the carry on luggage! You will die of boredom on the plane if you do. I mean, it’s so boring sitting in a small seat for 3 to 6 hours at a time, so make sure you are well prepared to take the trip. Being that I also need a variety of things to keep me occupied I make sure to bring the following on the plane with me in my purse:

    • Food to snack on and a water bottle – I don’t want to pay for snacks on the plane if I get hungry, you never know. Knowing that you have these items is crucial so you don’t end up spending money during your flight.
    • Fully-charged phone and tablet – I don’t take my laptop with me in my purse because my laptop is too big and it wouldn’t be comfortable to work on it in a small seat with a stranger next to me anyway. A tablet is much better and I can just play games I have previously downloaded

–> Schedule: Expect and plan things:

Maybe this is just me but I like to have things planned out at least a little bit.

  • Before I arrive: The most obvious thing is to figure out what time you have to be at the airport so you aren’t late and rushing: What time should you leave your place so you have plenty of time to get there if there is traffic on the way? Also, figure out what time I’ll get to my destination AND the my hotel. It just gives me a peace of mind so I know what to expect.
  • When I arrive: While I LOVE to be spontaneous when I actually get to my destination and I love to go exploring freely, I do have to make sure that I have all my must-do things planned out so that I don’t get caught up in the intoxicating energy of being in a new city. If there are any people I am planning to visit during the trip, I make sure to contact them beforehand and we can plan on a day and location of where to meet. That way I can plan which areas of the city to visit on each day that works with the locations I will be meeting with friends.

–> You can buy these things when you arrive: 

Well honestly, it doesn’t really matter whether you bring them with you or buy them when you arrive. Ideally you would buy them before you leave so you can just spend your time on the fun stuff not buying things you need when you get to your hotel. But if you’re short on space in your luggage, these are the things you can buy when you arrive:

    • Toothpaste and toothbrush, in travel size
    • Shampoo and conditioner, in travel size
    • Food to eat (fruit, snacks, breakfast items) during your stay
    • Razor for smoothness on the go, in fun size (see below)

Razor? Why would you need a razor? Well, I guess it depends on where you go and what you decide to do… But I sure as heck needed a razor when I went to California last September and being that I was around my friend who’s a guy and his cousin, also a guy, I definitely needed some smoothness – especially since it’s so HOT in Souther California in September. I should have known. Granted, it was my first time going there and I did not prepare as much as I should have, the trip was pretty spontaneous.

So yeah, it’s nice to have smoothness on the go… regardless of where you are. You can get it at your destination or bring it with you, whatever floats your boat. But, ya know, at least you’ll be nice and smooth as you’re on that boat 😉

The product I recommend here is Venus Snap that can be purchased at Target. It’s your new “must-have accessory” – it’s actually really cute and it would fit in your purse cause it has this round blue packaging so it’s not totally obvious that you’re carrying a shaving razor with you.

Venus Snap

More features of the Venus Snap:

  • Comes with Venus Embrace blade
  • Mini-handle & cute compact case
  • Mini-handle is easy to grip
  • Pivoting heads hugs your curves
  • Water activated ribbon of moisture for smooth glide


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Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Some good suggestions, and sorry that your trip got cancelled! (Seen on Saturday Sharefest.)

  2. Great tips. All of them I’ve used in this latest round of long term travel I’ve been on through Asia. I also do some pre arrival research on the food in the area I will be in, so I can find places to eat that accommodate my dietary needs easily.

  3. Awe I’m sorry you didn’t get to take your trip this month. But it sounds like you have a few other adventures in the works to make up for it. I loved your tip on wearing heavy, packing light. I’m going to try this. I also like to stick to carry on luggage, just makes the flight and trip run more smoothly.

  4. Really great tips. I hate when I forget the essentials when I’m traveling. These are great reminders of how to prepare both mentally and physically for traveling. Thanks.

  5. Great reminders! I ALWAYS forget to bring a razor! X-)

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