5 key mindfulness principles to breathe space within yourself

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Creating a sphere within ourselves allows us to do three simple things. Heal our wounds, offer our gifts, and Love more fully!

The foundation of my teacher’s endless wisdom was the thread that runs through the Mystery Teachings. We are here to do three things: heal our wounds, offer our gifts and love more fully. Simple right?

Yet, simple universality doesn’t equate an easy process. Our story originates in “How” to apply these five guiding principles to the fabric of our life. It is a gateway for revelation, and eventually liberation.

The principles provide the pathway to the awareness of “acceptance of what is.” This creates a solid inner foundation and this is the artistry. Becoming an artist of our inner lives catalyzes the discovery of the universal artist. Bringing us to be present in ALL of life’s circumstances bonds the artist and the universe.

I will offer five steps helpful for opening us to embrace the tender wounds within which hold our energy prisoner. There is no singular path to this place. Here are a few ‘stepping stones’ toward “creating” that inner space. These mindfulness principles, Awareness, Acceptance, Non-Judgment, Inclusive, and BREATH create ‘conditions’ within for aliveness and transformation.




Keep in mind; with the first TWO principles of “Awareness” and “Acceptance”, the nonlinear learning experience of them creates an inclusive internal environment where any sensation may arise in the body without judgment. Thoughts about the sensation projected in the mind’s screen are allowed with out analysis.

Neutrality cultivates a loving inner nature fertile for positive energy, which grows from the center outward. Like the hub of a wheel. This is done through creating a DAILY practice where time is consciously given to orient one’s self to cultivating an space within that is Allowing and Accepting. Just as we watch the Breath. In watching the breath come and go it teaches us that we can let the thoughts come and go. Be aware without action, let rise and fall what will within.

A practice like this can be merged to the Article SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING

This creates pathways inside for deeper layers of Awareness to be revealed and we are more able to be attentive to how the external environment stimulates an inner response. Like, the impulse to smoke or overeat!! This gives the mind another “way” of dealing with resistances that have been built over time.

It is a state of mind that automatically will create a loving embrace toward these tender places within that hold our energy sometimes prisoner.

Harnessing our Energy


Our second principle, Non-Judgment is a universal principle and an essential key, which leads to discernment and ‘correct’ seeing. Non-Judgment can integrate fragmented thoughts. Gathering energy.

If we judge a sensation or a thought it is no longer free to move in a different direction, or to dissolve back in on itself in such a way where it can be harnessed and directed either in a different direction in the nervous system or into a different more productive thought process and therefore action. It is a state of mind that automatically will create a loving embrace toward these tender places within that hold our energy sometimes prisoner.

When relaxing into Self Awareness, recoiling from the parts of the body not relaxing is judgment. Rather than this knee-jerk reaction, Non-Judgment allows the thoughts and sensations attached to the tension flow until they are no longer continuously stimulated and the body relaxes.

When Non-Judgment is practiced REGULARLY, it creates an inner environment of ‘wholeness’. Practiced enough in a safe space both quiet and non-threatening, the nervous system recharges and builds energy to meet the increasingly difficult terrain within. Here, in this comforting environment. Sensations of discomfort are treated with Non-Judgment so the body-mind can heal and create stability, which is crucial for self-transformation of negative emotion into positive energy. We can touch our wounds with this attitude and that will “free up” this energy to be re-routed.

Inclusive Not Exclusive

Inclusive verses exclusive. This helps “deal” with selective thinking!! For example if you are doing a sitting practice, laying down in corpse pose or doing deeper inner work you can apply these principles

One at a time and start to MERGE all of them. If you are starting to relax and you observe the sensations of relaxation and at the same time you become aware of parts of the body not relaxing. Rather than recoiling away from the part of the body not relaxing or collapsing into it, you practice non-judgment toward the sensation, allowing any thoughts or opinions you have about the tension to flow through you. So it is inclusive not exclusive. Awareness of the sensation of relaxation. Non-judgmental awareness of the sensation of discomfort. It is a both and.

When this is practiced regularly it creates an inner environment of “wholeness.’ That is when the body mind can heal.

Within this allowing inner sphere. When this is practiced enough in a quiet, non-threatening, safe, and comforting environment It allows the nervous system to power up and recharge and build energy to meet the challenges of every day life. We will develop inner stability, which is crucial for self-transformation – for the ability to transform negative emotion into positive energy.

And of Course….Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

‘Bringing awareness to the breath brings amazing transformative possibility. With awareness you can intentionally modulate it or let it be. You play with the boundaries of being active or letting go. It trains the mind to let something be or take an active role.’ – Dan Siegel

The Breath is ALWAYS available and it is FREE. The most untapped resource we have! I am a Breath work facilitator and I see magic when a client truly learns to utilize the breath properly once it is FREE of tensions.

In and of itself a transformative, the correct conditions allow the breath to function as a rejuvenating and energizing force. Using breath with the other principles, observing the rise and fall of breath along side sensation and thought is artistry. Uncomplicated and deceivingly difficult, do not be fooled by its simplicity. Breath reflects the inner process and guides it all at once.

These principles intertwine to yield to a deeper inner awareness. It allows growing new energy to deal with inner wounds. When these wounds are touched with the right ‘mental attitude”, they are perceived differently and thusly can be healed. We can actually see the story of our wounds as a pathway of discovery to our souls purpose…. Speaking of this please read Detox without Deprivation…taking these principles and applying to Detox will expedite …expedite…expedite, gracefully!!

Our perceived flaws usually turn out to be our greatest allies when we give them enough space to reveal their true purpose.”Bentinho Massaro


Offer Your Gifts…. Your Self


The more we touch ourselves internally. Observing this inner world with gentle awareness the energies trapped in conditioned thinking can be freed and we are able to feel and sense another layer of guidance from our SOUL!! Within our wounds lies gold. Lick the wounds on the hag and she turns into a Goddess! And that Goddess is YOU… you are able to offer your gifts to the world and celebrate others… this is FREEDOM!! When there is enough SPACE within us there is enough space for others.

Enjoy the ride!!

“From the outer spiral to the center of the wheel I traveled. It is the wheel of fortune. Travels from the outer edges of conditioned society to the center where the Soul resides. Eventually the center of the wheel expands to the periphery. Meaning we live from our center.Finding that inner seat or that inner place of center – that place within that allows everything to be there without any judgment -rooting into this place. Over and over. We discover that we have a right to be here and no one can give that to us or take it from us.” – Gabrielle Gerard-Jenks


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