5 Reasons Camping is The Best Form of Travel

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Camping is good for relaxation and adventure.

You need to plan for a camping adventure carefully to ensure that you have all the necessities for a good experience. Most of all, you'll need some camping equipment and good company of friends and family.

This makes the whole adventure more exciting. Some of the things you will need include sleeping bags, hammocks, a tent and of course a cooking stove among others.

Having most of these things around makes the camping experience more fulfilling and relaxing. But why is camping rated as the best form of travel?

Here are 5 reasons camping is the best form of travel:

1. Physical fitness

Camping gives you an opportunity to walk around and see various exciting sceneries. You also get exposure to lots of sunshine which is rich in vitamin D.

All camping activities are a form of travel. Apart from exciting sceneries, you are also able to relax and to sleep better.

This can help to reduce stress and prevent depression. Camping enhances your general health and should be done more often.

2. Economical

When camping, you carry most of the things and equipment that you will need. A tent, sleeping bags, hammocks, and stoves are included when packing for this form of travel.

You will not spend any money on hotels for accommodation and food. This helps you to save some money. Again, you experience a natural surrounding setting away from the home setup.

A change once in a while is the best form of relaxation. You become more effective at work, in your relationships, and at home when you take such a break to re-energize yourself.

3. Socialization

This is especially so for kids. Through advanced technology, kids spend so much time playing online and computer games instead of outdoor games that promote socialization.

Adults, on the other hand, are so busy at their places of work or doing home chores and little time is left for socialization. Camping provides a good opportunity for you to do outdoor activities and bond with fellow campers.

4. You appreciate life more

Camping makes you humble since you realize that even without the many things you have at home, life can still be fun and exciting. You will not have access to most of the gadgets used at home.

In fact, technology is limited when you go camping. This gives you a chance to connect more with nature. It is a fulfilling and relaxing experience.

5. Learning new skills

Kids especially can learn a few skills on survival tactics. During camping, there are so many amenities and things that you normally use at home or in a hotel that will not be provided.

You have to learn to survive under such circumstances. Defense mechanism, especially at night if you are in a mosquito, or other insects’ prone areas have to be learned.

Here's a short video about the survival skills you need to know: 

Other skills you can learn include how to build a fire and hiking among others.

Camping is such a good experience, especially during summer. Get out and enjoy being outdoors.

You need to prepare well for a camping trip. More importantly, ensure that you carry all the essential camping equipment and the necessities.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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