5 Simple Tips to Green Living for Beginners

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Thanks to REPREVE for sponsoring today’s discussion – but my excitement and love for turning it green is all my own!

5 Simple Tips for Green Living for Beginners

The U.S. plastic bottle recycling rate is less than 30 percent—so less than one-third of all plastic bottles get recycled. Most people don’t think about what happens to plastic bottles after you recycle them. So Repreve is on a mission to get the word out: Just recycle more. And buy REPREVE  products.

I was never a huge eco-maniac but I did keep the environment and sustainability in mind. I took an Honors course in college about Sustainable Environmental Science or something of the sort and it was very interesting and eye-opening.

Today, I wanted to share some easy to implement tips that you can use in your life today that will make your lifestyle more sustainable and greener! Let’s say yay to a happy green and mindful lifestyle 🙂

5 Simple Tips For Living a Green Lifestyle

1.  Turn off lights when not in use. 

So many people leave the lights on in all rooms of the house! But they don’t realize that they are not only wasting money on the electric bill but this is also putting strain on the environment. You don’t need lights on everywhere if you aren’t in the room, what’s the point?

Yes, I do understand the thing about having lights on so burglars think someone is home at night – I do that. But keep one small light on, not all of them! Think of the environment. And think of your wallet 🙂

2. Use reusable containers for lunches.

Instead of going out to eat every day during lunch, bring your own! Make sure to bring it in a reusable container as well. That way yo just wash it and it’s as good as new for the next time you bring lunch to work. Not only will this save you a TON of money by not eating out daily for lunch but it will make you healthier AND greener in return.

Need ideas what to pack for lunch? I usually make a sandwich or a salad and bring it with me but sometimes leftovers are a great way to go as well. Here are some great options that work great for lunch the next day:

Then for something later in the day, you can bring a yummy healthy snack, such as:

3. Use green products.

You’ve gotta keep the house clean regardless, but wouldn’t you rather do it in a non-toxic way? What’s the point in having a house squeaky clean if you are harming your own health as well as the planet’s in the process. It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?

There are many reasons why it’s worth it to switch to green cleaning products such as:

      • accidentally ingesting the chemicals you are using, many of which are unregulated by the FDA and unapproved by the EPA. Up to 70% of cleaning products contain harmful chemicals.
      • using natural products reduces the chances of your kids getting sick or poisoned that could otherwise happen when using toxic chemicals
      • many cleaning products include ammonia, phosphorus, alkyphenol ethoxylates and petroleum which then go back to the water supply system. You may therefore me poisoning the water system by using conventional products and that poses a whole other set of risks.
      • see more on AbesMarket article, a very comprehensive list

4. Bring your own bags when you go grocery shopping.

This is such an easy tip! It makes me so mad when I go to a grocery store and they use like a bazillion plastic bags for my groceries – why do I need this many bags?! It makes me soo mad that they are using it up like it’s nothing, not realizing that birds are getting caught and dying because these plastic bags are then deposited all over the place and are unable to be degraded by nature. I like when you have an option to go with a paper bag if anything (another reason why I love Trader Joe’s) but the best option is to simply bring your own bags that are made our of different materials that are sure not to break (like a plastic bag could). And it’s best when the bag is made of recyclable material! Which brings me to my next point…

5. Buy products that use recyclable materials.

There are various companies that use recycled materials in their products and it’s wonderful. A great example of a company that does this is REPREVE – and they are ALL about the green lifestyle and I just love how they do it! Keep reading…

What is Repreve?

This beanie is more than a beanie..

5 Simple Tips for Green Living for Beginners

The luckiest plastic bottles get made into a recycled fleece beanie made from REPREVE. One REPREVE green beanie is made from 6 recycled plastic bottles!

REPREVE is a recycled fiber that helps turn plastic bottles you recycle into cool stuff you can wear and use every day. Now there’s no excuse not to recycle!

A lot of brands you love use Repreve to make their products greener:

  • Volcom graphic t-shirts are made with REPREVE, using 2 recycled plastic bottles.
  • One Patgonia fleece jacket with REPREVE has 40 recycled plastic bottles, so you can be a real “active-ist.”
  • Life Khaki by Haggar uses REPREVE to put 7 recycled plastic bottles in every pair of pants; so wear what you believe.

Other brands made with REPREVE: The North Face, Polartec, Patagonia, Beija-Flor, Lauren Conrad’s XO(eco) by Blue Avocado, Swiftwick socks, and more.

See the products by REPREVE (more than just beanies) by clicking here.

Win money with REPREVE contest!

#TurnItGreen X Games contest:

Dates: Jan. 16 – Feb 2nd
Grand Prize: $5,000 cash

To celebrate the X Games, REPREVE invites participants to share how they “turn it green”, or how they live a more sustainable life by recycling or reusing materials, by sharing an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the #TurnItGreen hashtag.

Once you share the image or video with the hashtag, you will be entered into a sweepstakes where five entries will be randomly selected as the Top Five. Those five will be voted on by visitors to Repreve[dot]com where the image or video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other four video entries will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $350).

Questions for you:

    • Do you (at least try to) live a Green Lifestyle?
    • What are some of your own ways you #TurnItGreen?

Let us know in the comments! 

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. I’m happy to say we do all of these thanks to my self proclaimed tree hugger son. Now it’s all just habit.

  2. Great tips! we really have to switch to green cleaning products in our household. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I haven’t heard of this beanie before or this company but that’s pretty awesome that they use recycled bottles. Interesting concept.

  4. I’m happy to report I do all five of these things! I featured REPREVE on my website a while back. Great company. We also recycle much more than we throw things away and compost a lot as well. We’re always looking to live more green. It’s quite easy actually!

    • That’s awesome and I know, it’s a great company right? I had no idea it was even possible to create clothing and stuff out of water bottles. I’m happy to hear you’re living green already – it’s fantastic, not only for you and the planet, but also for the wallet 😉

  5. All about the green living! I’m loving that more and more people are taking conscious steps like using their own bags and carrying reusable water bottles. Thanks for featuring this company!

  6. Definitely do all of these except bring bags to the grocery store yikes! These are definitely great ways to start being more green 🙂 Have a great weekend Kammie! -Iva

  7. In Los Angeles plastic grocery bags are banned now! If you forget your bags you have to pay for paper ones.
    As for my own green practices-I unplug everything possible when not using it, even the microwave.

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