5 Tips To Buying Electronics – Research does pay off!

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Electronics are a staple of everyday modern life. Heck, for as much as I try to "declutter" I keep on buying tech BECAUSE it makes life easier, end. But hey, they don't always do... at least not when you buy a dud. :/ 

I do a lot of research online.  I even make my own guides and reviews when I know what I'm talking about lol. So today I'm going to give you 5 key tips! 

1.    Check On The Reputation Of The Seller

When buying electronics, it’s easy to fall into the hands of the wrong seller who will end up scamming you with a gadget that’s either not working or sell it to you at an exaggerated price. Before anything else, do a background check on the retailer, find out what previous customers say about the seller, and weigh your options carefully.

Getting the right details about the retailer will free you from disappointments of dealing with crafty electronic gadget sellers.

2.    Find Out Whether The Electronic Item Is Genuine

Every passing day, there are more and more counterfeit products being released in the market and are being sold by retailers everywhere. If you are not keen enough, you may end up buying a substandard electronic product.

Substandard electronics have the same look and feel as the original products and even carry the original brand name. To ascertain whether the electronic is genuine, get the serial number from the seller, contact the manufacturer, give them the serial number and have them verify whether the electronic is genuine or not.

3.    Check For Warranty

Often times electronics do get some performance issues that only get noticed after you’ve purchased the product and are already using it. It would be a huge inconvenience to buy an electronic item only to realize that there is no warranty available to have the product checked or replaced once an issue arises.

Before buying the electronic, confirm from the seller whether they offer warranty and the period which the warranty is valid for. Lack of warranty means that you have to repair the electronic product yourself if anything goes wrong.

definitely not me and definitely out of my skills. Credit: AccurateElectronics Inc.

4.    Check Your Calendar

There are certain times of the year when you can land amazing deals on electronic items. One such time is when an electronic is being launched into the market or on festive seasons where most retailers have discounted offers for the products to attract more customers to buy from them.

You can take advantage of these times and get the best electronic product deals.

5.    Conduct Thorough Product Research

It is one thing to ascertain that the product you are buying is not a counterfeit but it’s another thing to carry out research on the electronic and know all about it. Find out the specifications of the electronic, how it functions, and where to use it.

Research also on the price. Analyze the prices listed by different retailers for the electronic to ascertain the true price of the electronic. The internet is full of product reviews on electronics where you can source the information you need.

For instance, I did a Casey Neistat marathon recently and obviously became a bit obsessed with electric scooters and skateboards and essentially anything with wheels and batteries lol

So off I went to get some ideas and to answer the question "can I even afford one?" and found a really good site called AuthorityAdviser  where there were tons of good reviews and comparisons. I always try to add this type of content here for products that I know of, but for stuff that's out my realm of knowledge yes, I just google it like everyone else  😛

What's your favorite review site? Leave it down on the comments!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

5 Tips To Buying Electronics – Research does pay off!
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