5 Tips to starting out with Crossfit

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CrossFit is a fitness regimen that was created by Greg Glassman.

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to step into a CrossFit gym for the first time, especially if you don’t know anybody. You might see half-naked hard bodies doing exercise that you have never seen before and lifting weights that you cannot lift.

It may be difficult for you to decide if you are ready for the routine or you need to take more time to get in to shape. Anyway, the best way to get started is to just start immediately.

There is a coach to help on a personal level even though CrossFit is class-based.

Here are five tips for starting out with CrossFit.

1. Compete with yourself, not others

In a gym, there are people of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds and ages who throw down together. Having different persons, it doesn’t mean that they will do the same thing.

The coach provides and leads the workout; therefore, you are able to determine the weight that you are comfortable with. To suit your ability, every movement can be scaled or substituted.

What anyone else is doing, should not worry you even if the workouts get tough since it’s not about being the best. If your goal is to be healthier and stronger, than you should show up daily so as to be better than you were before.

All you need to do is finding your own pace and challenging yourself for improvement.

2. Ask questions

The coach and the people you are working out with are there for you and they can help. If you are unsure of something do not hesitate to ask them.

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, nor should you be frustrated if you take a lot of time to get a concept. Do not forget it’s your time, money and most essentially your health.

3. Do not be too proud to scale

It is important you know your body and its limits. If you are changing a movement completely be or having less Rx than weights on the barbell, you are not doing the wrong thing.

Check the video below to know why scaling is so important:

What you need to do is to talk with the coach of something that you are unsure of or uncomfortable with. In order to avoid injuries in the long run and improve faster, scaling when it makes sense is essential.

It is always best to maximize your cardio routine and other fitness routine in the gym but always know your limits.

4. Respect rest and recovery

Overtraining is easy for every athlete. However, for a newbie to achieve the best results, you need to start with at most three sessions in a week.

A rest and recovery time is necessary if your body feels tired.

5. Have fun

CrossFit never gets easier you only get better. It’s fun, it’s worth even if it gets difficult. You need to set goals and celebrate your accomplishments.

Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Everyone feels happy when their health is improved. CrossFit can help if you show up daily and stick with it.

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Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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