5 Tips to Visiting Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is one of the best destinations that adventure lovers around the world highly appreciate. The city has a great mix of history and ancient culture.

Friendly locals are welcoming and the air is just clean and fresh with flower scents to help you appreciate nature. The bustling city center is lined up with great shops, malls, hotels, and restaurants, making it an awesome place for those who are after great shopping, wining, and dining experiences.

Let's not forget that its home to the best brewing Storehouse of Guinness and vintage pubs.

Dublin is well-connected to many wonderful destinations in the United Kingdom by a great network of roads. Transportation within the city is made possible by the use of taxis, buses and you may even opt to walk to enjoy the feel.  

If you are therefore planning a trip to this great country, then brace yourself as we take you through the various travel trips when visiting this awesome city. 

Without further ado, here are 5 tips to visiting Dublin, Ireland that you will love.

1. Take The Bus

Especially, if you want to cover more land, it can be cheaper to take the bus rides instead of the taxis. As much as it is cost-effective, it’s also a great way to sight-see, especially on the double-decker buses.

Most of these buses are more of tour buses than they are the regular means of transportation. You can get off the bus at any point and still catch another as soon as you are done with your activities.

In the actual sense, using the buses helps to blend you in as you are not constantly staring at the maps and all, not unless you really have to.  

2. Visit the Dubh Linn Gardens

Especially at lunch hour, this is a popular destination for most locals in the Irish city. The name Dubh Linn means Dark Lake, which is where Dublin derives its name.

These gardens are located right behind the Dublin castles, which are absolutely free to wander around. This will let you in on some historical information about the city and the castles, as well as some bit of the rich culture of the country.

However, you'll need to part with some few bucks to get into the castles.

3. Learn the Tricks of Pouring Guinness

If you’re a beer lover, then there’s no better place to adventure in than Dublin. It will only cost you around 11 euros to get into the Guinness Storehouse.

Here, you'll enjoy pre-game free pints of beer before your night begins.

4. Train Your Tastebuds

The Howth market has all your favorite breads, nuts, gyros, cupcakes, name it. If not you, then your kids will definitely enjoy free samples of such from the vendors.

You'll also enjoy a variety of cuisines from different gourmet restaurants along the streets. The outskirts of Howth will make you feel like you are in a completely different environment from the picturesque lush green grass.

Might as well read some tips about how to get those taste buds working.

5. Load Your Wallet

If you plan on visiting Dublin, you'll definitely need something to show for it. Take advantage of the malls. For your designer as well as your vintage clothing, the Loft market is well stocked to cater for all your fashion needs.

Get your souvenirs at the handicraft markets right outside Dublin and be sure to carry something home to your loved one.

In addition to the above, be sure to conduct some research on some of the best vacation spots in Dublin. 

You might want to go online and check out goirishtours.com, for information on Ireland travel packages, getting around and about, and much more.  

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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