5 Ways I Know I’m Growing Up

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When did you realize you were growing up? What were these factors that made you look at your life and say “Wow, when did I become a full-on adult?” This is what has happened to me very recently.

5 Ways I Know I'm Growing Up - Learn more at sensualappealblog.com

Things are changing and my life is going with it. It’s overwhelming but exciting at the same time. Watch the video below and let me know what are some of the things that made YOU realize you were really growing up?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWloMI-vM7Q]

What are some things that made YOU realize you were growing up?

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Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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  1. Girl, you are TOO much! Love your little “fiesta” dancing! Lol

    And it’s official…you just made me feel REALLY old!! I’m sitting here, thinking about all your reasons for feeling like a grown up and agreeing with them all…and then I have to remember how long ago it was for me when I started feeling that way! Yeah, like 8 years ago? When I was 20, I moved out of the dorms and into an apartment with a roommate (who was a little crazy and ended up leaving me high and dry mid way through our lease…#392 on the list of things that make you feel like a grown up!) so I had to take on a LOT of responsibility starting then. Plus, I worked full time AND went to school full time, so the minute I was away from the “campus life” I pretty much aged about 20 years. Honestly, I wish I could go back and enjoy that part of my youth more, but when it’s up to you to support yourself AND pay for almost all of your schooling (what I didn’t get from the lottery scholarship came out of my tiny little pocket), there isn’t much room for “fun”. The only thing I can say that took me a while to “grow out of” was the drinking…on the weekends I would go balls to the wall with my friends and ALWAYS end up a hungover mess the next day. Nowadays, one glass of wine gets me a good buzz going! Haha, guess I’m a cheap date now! 😉

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  3. Super cute video. You are funny, I had several good out loud chuckles with your quick little b-roll clips. Haha! I almost 31 and def realized I was grown up after my 2nd baby last year!

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