5 Ways To Control Nerve Pain Without Prescription Medications

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Prescription medicines for nerve pain relief may give off positive results, but they come with different side effects, some of which are severe.

The good thing is that you don’t have to take these medications to alleviate your neuropathy problem. There other different natural ways to do so:

Below are some of the best ways to control nerve pain without prescription medicine;


Massage is one of the most sought-after natural nerve pain remedy. Not only does it help you relax, but it also helps improve neuropathy.

Annals of Internal Medicine carried out a study which revealed that massage benefits can help alleviate chronic pain on the back for six months or more.

Below are some massage tips you can learn relative to neuropathy:

Gentle techniques and deep tissue massage can be used to help sore tissues and muscles caused by nerve pain.

Natural Supplements

There are different natural supplements that help to relieve nerve pain. These supplements are made with natural herbs that contain analgesic properties.

Nerve pain usually has different causes, from diabetes to arthritis and more, so different supplements may have different results on each patient. If you want to buy your supplement online, be sure to find out as much information as you can about the supplement.

Find out what previous clients say about the supplement and look into as many reviews as you can. You can click here for reviews on some of the best nerve pain supplements.


Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese people for a long time for neuropathy treatment. This technique has spread to other parts of the world and people are now using it to relieve nerve pain.

The technique involves the use of needles in specific points of the body. These needles help to stimulate nerves in the targeted points and this helps to improve neuropathy.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy for nerve pain relief involves stretching and working muscles out to reduce nerve pain. Physical therapy is a great way to treat neuropathy because it does not only alleviate the pain but also helps to treat the cause of the pain.

If you are experiencing nerve pain, get yourself a trained physical therapist to help give suggestions on the best exercises for neuropathy. Some physical therapy exercises are also done in a pool or whirlpool; this is also called water therapy.

While it may be a little costly to hire a specialist to help with physical therapy, its results are long-term.

Hot and Cold Therapy and Cryotherapy

With this therapy, hot and cold compresses are applied to the affected area back and forth. This causes both cold and hot-shock proteins which contain anti-inflammatory properties.

The compressing effect slows down blood flow to the area, reducing swelling and inflammation. This method can be substituted with cold or hot baths which work the same to alleviate nerve pain.

Cryotherapy on the other hand, exposes you to intense cold temperatures which results in the release of cold-shock proteins that help reduce inflammation and pain.

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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