5 Ways to Eat Healthy Chocolate

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Do you yearn for some chocolate but worry about it coming back to bite you?

You do not need to deprive yourself since there are several healthy chocolate options available in the market today. Many people are today looking for healthy alternatives, even when it comes to desserts. 

By choosing healthy chocolate, you get to enjoy your snack or dessert without worrying about the impact on your weight and health.

Choose organic chocolate chips sweetened with coconut sugar

Sugar is the reason many people stay away from chocolates. Coconut sugar is becoming quite popular as a sweetener. The manufacturing process is also natural.

This is an excellent choice for those who are avoiding synthetic or artificial sweeteners but are still not in favor of sugar-free chocolate.

Roasted cacao beans

When you see healthy chocolates, cacao is the primary ingredient. These beans can be nibbled on at any time of the day without feeling guilty about eating chocolate. 

Besides eating them as they are, you can use them to sweeten your bakes snacks in place of refined sugar. When you eat cacao, you get the authentic chocolatey taste without worrying about the impact it will have on your health.

Oatmeal with a twist of chocolate

If you take oatmeal for breakfast daily, it is natural for you to get too accustomed to it. At some point you might consider your choice monotonous.

If you would still like to take your oatmeal but change the taste, you may opt to add cocoa powder. The amount depends on your taste.

You may also choose to melt organic chocolate chips then add to your oatmeal. You will enjoy the change in flavor without worrying about turning a healthy meal to an unhealthy one. 

Raw dark chocolate mousse

This chocolate dessert is a healthy choice and it is made of raw cacao powder and non-dairy milk. You may add avocado and honey to enrich it.

Here's a short video of a healthy raw dark chocolate mousse:

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in the avocado are essential for the digestive system. This dessert is also a formidable choice for your metabolism, skin, and brain. This dessert is excellent for those using the paleo diet to remain healthy.

Chocolate banana shake

If you are searching for a healthy chocolate drink as opposed to something to eat, the chocolate banana shake is an excellent choice. You may opt to add peanut butter and almond milk to enrich it.

Raw cacao powder ensures that this drink retains its healthy goodness. Instead of using refined sugar, you may opt to use dates as the sweetener.

There are various ways you can use healthy chocolate to create drinks and desserts that will satisfy your chocolate craving without feeling you are being unhealthy.

Some of these healthy chocolate options are great for people with diabetes or those watching their sugar intake. The type of chocolate you choose also plays a significant role in determining how healthy your chocolate is.

When buying cacao powder or chocolate chips for your treats, ensure they are organic. 

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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