6 Things To Know About Easigrass For Your Yard

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Easigrass is a high-quality artificial grass that’s designed to look and feel like real natural grass and is fitted on various outdoor spots to bring out that natural beautiful ambiance. It is used extensively all over the world and is the preferred choice for many people.

With that said, here are 6 things to know about Easigrass for your yard:

1. There Are Different Yard Areas Where Easigrass Can Be Installed

Easigrass can be installed on different yard areas.

You can have it installed on your back garden and eliminate the need for mowing, weeding, and watering that you need to constantly do on real grass.

You can also install it on your terraces and balconies and create a comfortable space for relaxation.

You can have it on your front garden and have an outstanding look of an evergreen lawn all year round. Whether you run a school or have a commercial business, or you’re hosting an event or an exhibition, whichever area you have in mind, Easigrass can be installed quick and easy.

2. Easigrass Is Easy to Clean

The installed easigrass on your yard can be regularly cleaned using a plastic rake or a broom to get rid of dirt and leaves.

If you have a pet that poops or pees on the grass, it’s advisable that you wait until the poop dries up then remove it and spray the area on the grass with a diluted disinfectant.

Read more about some great tips about home cleaning.

3. Easigrass Comes In Different Varieties

Easigrass is available in different designs, shades, and thicknesses and you can choose the one that meets your yard need. Some of the available options include theEasi-Kensington Grass, the Easi-Pet Grass, the Easi-Chelsea Grass, the Easi-Chelsea Grass just to mention a few.

Below is a short promotional video of Easigrass:

4. Sand Can Be Put On The Grass

Sand will be a requirement on the Easigrass depending on the design that you choose. If the design is dense, you may not need to put a layer of sand on top of it to weigh it down.

For most installations, however, putting sand is a vital requirement to achieve that perfect finish that will hold the grass in place and protect it from pets scratching it underneath.

The sand also serves to dissolve the heat thereby keeping the grass cool during the summer season. It also brings out that professional look.

5. Installation Needs To Be Done Properly

There is a bit of skill and know-how that’s needed in the installation of Easigrass. Don’t attempt to do the installation yourself if you don’t have the necessary expertise.

The essential installation process entails measuring the area that you want the grass to cover, then have the Easigrass cut to that size with an additional 5cm on all sides just in case it fails to fit perfectly.

This extra patch can be trimmed off once the installation is complete.

6. Easigrass Has A Long Life Span

If properly installed, Easigrass can last up to 20 years on your yard provided that you take care of it as is required.

You can get an expert to do the installation for you and advice you on how to care for it.


If you’re shopping for artificial grass, there is no better option to go for than Easigrass.

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