Apple Poppy Seed Cake with Chocolate Glaze (reduced sugar)

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Apple Poppy Seed Cake with Chocolate GlazeOur Easter table had a surprising dessert.

Poppy seed desserts are among my favorite type of desserts. We usually have Lazanki for Christmas Eve which pretty much makes my whole Holidays: it’s my absolute favorite Holiday dish. For Easter we usually have a Makowiec: a poppy seed roll cake. We had it store-bought for Easter as you saw in the pictures from Sunday. But this year, my mom surprised us with something even better, something I didn’t expect.

Apple Poppy Seed Cake with a Chocolate Glaze. She outdid herself again! Such an amazing cake.

Apple Poppy Seed Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Truth be told, I didn’t even realize it contained apples. I didn’t notice them. When my mom was telling me the ingredients for the recipe, I was stunned that there were 3 large apples in there! But then it made sense, because you can see the grated apples in there once you look, it’s just not a prevalent flavor at all – poppy seeds tend to have an overpowering flavor in themselves. The apples surely give a nice and subtle sweetness and tartness to add to the complexity of the cake.

The cake itself contains some ingredients that may be unfamiliar to you, because it’s a Polish recipe. My mom tends to use many Polish ingredients from the Polish store since her recipes are originally from Poland. The poppy seed package she used was 12 oz and you can buy them online; be sure to grind them twice through as stated in the recipe! Then there’s the kasza manna, instant semolina. Truthfully, I haven’t ever used the American version, I’m not sure how semolina compares to kasza manna, whether it’s exactly the same thing, but when we Googled we found that it’s the equivalent so I’m thinking it should work out well. If you do use it, I would love to hear your experience with using it.

Lastly, don’t be intimidated. It’s a truly amazing cake, you will not be disappointed.


 Kammie wants to know:

  • Have you ever had desserts with poppy seeds? If so, what was your favorite?

  • Have you ever made a meal/dessert with a big ingredient that was not noticeable right away?

Let me know in the comments below!

Last Updated on March 27, 2019

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  1. So glad you posted the recipe for this cake. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to make it!

  2. It’s that chocolate that gets me about this cake. It looks SO good!

    Love the new blog design, btw!

  3. That looks amazing!! I love apples in cake… and I love chocolate. 🙂

  4. This looks really good! Thanks for the recipe!

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  7. You know, I’ve never actually stopped to think about how poppy seeds taste on their own. I’m not really sure if I’ve ever had them outside of the lemon and poppyseed combo and I’ve definitely never tried them in anything chocolatey! This cake looks amazing…your mama did a fine job (as always)!

    I have a knack for “hiding” things in foods…especially desserts. One of my favorites is chickpea cookies. I made a batch of peanut butter chocolate chip ones once and took them to a party at work. Everyone knew they had to be healthy because I made them (ha!) but not ONE person could guess the main ingredient…a whole can of chickpeas!! Win!

  8. Yum, Kammie. Thanks for joining the cake extravaganza. Cheers

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  10. Kasha manna is Cream of wheat or instant Farina. I use it all the time. I am from Ukraine and love poppy seeds. The cake looks stunning. I had a question since I really want to make it. When you grind the seeds are they completely dry and if they are not dry, won’t they ruin the electric grinder? Thank you so much

    • Cream of wheat! Thank you so much for telling me! This helps. As for the seeds, make sure you grind them slowly and in small batches, that way the electric grinder will be just fine. Also, the seeds should then be damp, dry them out to make sure there is no more water in them dripping out and then you’re good to go 🙂 Let me know how it turns out for you!

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