Back on the Extreme routine… with ChaLean

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So I was stuck with a nasty cold for over a week and that made me unable to do any type of exercise for that time. I hate missing time to workout especially when I’m actually following a cut-out plan. I’ve been following ChaLean Extreme for a while now and today was the first day after over a week of a hiatus. To make matters worse, it’s time to move on to the last month – the Lean Phase.. HOLY CRAP I think I almost died. Not only did I lose muscle over the week and I felt much weaker, the exercises were the hardest I have done on the program yet. It was a total butt-kick! But definitely put me right back on track with the workouts. I’m still pretty bummed that I had to take a break, I feel like I’m starting all over. My motivation is definitely not where it was.. I need motivation! Where, oh where, it? Pinterest perhaps?

That definitely applies to how I felt today. At least I didn’t die when I was sick. I’m such a hypochondriac and anxious person that I always think something is wrong with me. But nope, I did not die – it was only a cold. Yay for reminders that I am alive. BRING THE PAIN!

Last Updated on March 28, 2019

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